Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23, 2014

Man these past 4 weeks have flown by! Another 2 weeks and I´ll be out in the field with my trainer. I am so ready to go out of the CCM. I mean the 4 weeks I've been here have flown, I can only imagine how much faster it will be once I'm out actually doing the work.

So let me tell you about my week. It was pretty much a "party week" because Thursday was Independence Day. The people here eat a lot of food. My companion and I went to the nearby park to check out all of the sweet festivities that were going on and it was super cool. We played soccer with a bunch of these kids and they're pretty much college division skilled. They handle that ball like a baby, just caressing it. Doing so in a manner where they are already scoring a goal and you're left on the other side of the field. We also had the opportunity to eat some celestial churros. Seriously, if  I could stay on an island and eat those things forever, I would be muy content. They are absolutely heavenly. Friday we got to wear normal clothes such as jeans. Honestly it was kind of weird. The whole time I kept looking around for my lost tie which I was suppose to be wearing. Let me tell you, jeans are much missed. Friday was basically a mini CCM Independence Day Fiesta. We played soccer, traditional Chilean games, had a lot of meat (pork, chicken, lamb.) It was a much needed cool down I must say.

Sunday was great. I gave my first talk in Spanish which was pretty nerve wrecking. The way talks work here is everyone is told the topic for the day Sunday morning. You write your talk during personal study. This Sunday's topic was on prayer. So everyone has prepped a lesson on prayer and then during Sacrament Meeting, Presidente announces 6 speakers out of the 30 to 40 that are here. So you really don't know who is speaking until he says who it is.  Apparently Presidente found Elder Pile a suitable choice. It's reminds me of  that scripture, D&C 121:7 Many are called but few are chosen. I told Elder Collins that it's a lot like the Hunger Games because the longer you are at the CCM, the more times your name goes into the reaping bowl. But overall everything is going perfecto.

Love and miss you guys!

Mitchell, I think Elder Pile took your running shorts to Chile!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16, 2014

So to start out  my companion and I had a room change which was pretty crazy. We were sleeping in the pool house which had the sweetest setup out of all of the rooms.  Unfortunately we have been moved to what the Elders here like to call " The Cracker Box." Let me tell you, it is muy cramped in there. Haha.

September 11th was a riot. Apparently down here people use that day as an excuse to steal and vandalize and get into these raging riots. A native Chilean explained to me why but I didn't catch everything because he talked so dang fast! It's along the lines of a dictator taking control of the country in 1973 by assassinating the President. But yeah, all of the CCM teachers had to spend the night here because it was too much of a risk to go home. Apparently 22 people were killed somewhere down south so pretty crazy! Nothing too crazy happened here though so don't worry!
We had the opportunity to teach a real investigator on the 12th last week! Seriously the coolest experience I've had while I've been here. So, my companion and I were studying the Book of Mormon when one of our teachers, Hermano Riotor comes in and tells us to begin prepping a lesson on the Restoration for an investigator study time. So naturally, Elder Collins and I were a bit confused as to why we were doing this so spontaneously. We followed Hermano Riotor outside and met up with a man in his mid 30's. After talking back and forth with this man, and having some translation help, we realized that this was real. Not a fake teacher investigator but the real deal. Apparently the man Manuel, had been having a really rough life and contemplated on multiple occasions on whether or not he should end it. He told us that he had prayed and begged God for help, and to guide him. That day he was walking around the city and as he was passing the CCM, something inside of him told him that he would find his answers there. So after talking with our teacher, and explaining his hunger for the gospel, Hermano Riotor found this a pristine moment to grab the two of us and give a lesson about the Restoration and Joseph Smith and how the true gospel of Jesus Christ was now present on the earth. By the end of our testimonies everyone was in tears. The spirit was SO strong. Manuel told us that he knew what we said was true and that he could feel it. We asked him if he would be baptized by someone holding the proper authority and he whole heartedly agreed. So he will be baptized on the 28th of September. During that time until then the senior missionaries will be teaching him the lessons.
That experience just testifies to me that Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways and ALWAYS answers our prayers. I realize that Elder Collins and I are just a tool in His hands. The same goes for every missionary around the world. 

With love, 
Elder Pile

Friday, September 12, 2014

September 9, 2014

That's  awesome! So we went to the temple and it was amazing! The spirit was SO strong and I want to go back as soon as possible. My English is slowly diminishing but it's whatever because that means my Spanish is only getting better! I've sent a lot of letters, so keep on the lookout 2 weeks from now!
Love Elder Pile


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey guys! So I made it through my first week here at the CCM. It's way cool here. We only have an hour to write so I'm going to have to make this fast.
So I have a super aweshum companion, his name is Elder Collins and he's from Utah. Everyone wants to get the chance to talk to the Alaskan missionary. I am progressing well in the hermonica and can now play hymns! So the CCM pres assigned my to play along with the piano haha. It's pretty embarrasing when I mess up though. The city here is huge! It's way cool. We don't stay at the CCM though, we stay at a place called Elcontra. Me and my companion get our own little cabin and we JAM OUT. The completos are way good. they're about as long as my arm though! It was tough to eat but now I have achieved the rank of "Super Cool Missionary" haha. I´ll make sure to put pics in and show you guts what its like!
My testimony and spanish has grown SO much in the week that I have been here. It just feels so real now and I absolutely love it. I love you guys so much and I´ll talk to you next Tuesday! (that's when P-day is now by the way!)

Elder Pile