Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 23, 2014

Man these past 4 weeks have flown by! Another 2 weeks and I´ll be out in the field with my trainer. I am so ready to go out of the CCM. I mean the 4 weeks I've been here have flown, I can only imagine how much faster it will be once I'm out actually doing the work.

So let me tell you about my week. It was pretty much a "party week" because Thursday was Independence Day. The people here eat a lot of food. My companion and I went to the nearby park to check out all of the sweet festivities that were going on and it was super cool. We played soccer with a bunch of these kids and they're pretty much college division skilled. They handle that ball like a baby, just caressing it. Doing so in a manner where they are already scoring a goal and you're left on the other side of the field. We also had the opportunity to eat some celestial churros. Seriously, if  I could stay on an island and eat those things forever, I would be muy content. They are absolutely heavenly. Friday we got to wear normal clothes such as jeans. Honestly it was kind of weird. The whole time I kept looking around for my lost tie which I was suppose to be wearing. Let me tell you, jeans are much missed. Friday was basically a mini CCM Independence Day Fiesta. We played soccer, traditional Chilean games, had a lot of meat (pork, chicken, lamb.) It was a much needed cool down I must say.

Sunday was great. I gave my first talk in Spanish which was pretty nerve wrecking. The way talks work here is everyone is told the topic for the day Sunday morning. You write your talk during personal study. This Sunday's topic was on prayer. So everyone has prepped a lesson on prayer and then during Sacrament Meeting, Presidente announces 6 speakers out of the 30 to 40 that are here. So you really don't know who is speaking until he says who it is.  Apparently Presidente found Elder Pile a suitable choice. It's reminds me of  that scripture, D&C 121:7 Many are called but few are chosen. I told Elder Collins that it's a lot like the Hunger Games because the longer you are at the CCM, the more times your name goes into the reaping bowl. But overall everything is going perfecto.

Love and miss you guys!

Mitchell, I think Elder Pile took your running shorts to Chile!

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  1. I seriously laughed out loud a few times while reading this. My coworkers just think I'm crazy. I just think my family is hilarious. Celestial churros? A reaping bowl? Getting schooled by kids playing soccer? Yep! Sounds like an amazing week for Elder Pile. Thanks for sharing!