Friday, December 26, 2014

December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014
Hey Mom! So this week has gone by so very fast! We went to the Santiago Temple on Thursday and it was absolutely awesome as always. I love the temple so very much. It is kind of lame however that we are only allowed to visit the temple once a year. I'm so very thankful for that opportunity and blessing regardless. I also received a temporary crown and will not be receiving my permanent one until the 30th of this month. On Saturday we went to the ward Navidad Activity and I was asked to dress up as a pastor for the children's play/ nativity skit, ha-ha. I have to say it was quite fun. Now, whenever the kids see me in church they come up to me and gather around my legs and baa like they are my little sheep. It's pretty cute! We had a Christmas Devotional today with the whole mission and Elder Stone and I and a couple of Hermanas sang for a special musical number. We sang the Primera Navidad and it turned out pretty well. My heart was pounding the whole time though because I get a little uncomfortable when I have 200 eyes staring at me ha-ha.
I am so very excited to Skype you guys! I love and miss you guys so much! Merry Christmas!!! :) 
December 15, 2014
So this week has pretty much been all meetings for Elder Stone and I. We had a District Class, Zone Conference and a reunion de nuevo misineros. I also had a dentist appointment that went absolutely swimmingly. My appointment was for a root canal and I'm receiving a temporary crown tomorrow until they get the metal porcelain one for me. So, I went all week with a hilly-billy smile always telling investigators, "Disculpe mi dientes porque se que es super feo." Then I would flash them with a nice charming southern grin ha-ha. Also, this may be the last change that I have with Elder Stone because he has been in this sector for 11 months plus I'm done with training. I'm just a regular missionary now. President Wright however did talk to me about training, so it is a possibility. If I do train a son in this sector I hope he's latino because that'd help me learn a lot of Spanish faster.
I did receive your package on Tuesday! I absolutely loved it. The other Elders and I had a trunky moment as we took our first bites into your homemade cookies. I seriously forgot how good they were. We did service for a hermana in our Ward this week. She had us break down walls with sledge hammers. I have to say it was a pretty good stress reliever, well that and prayer ha-ha.
Love you!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hey Mom,  so before I send you guys the email I want to explain something.  This morning my tooth fell out and I have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow at 1pm. Parker says he looks more Chilean.

So this week has been pretty great! We have lots of new investigators now because of all the contacting we've done. What has really helped though is the new video the Church has released called El es la Dadiva or He is the Gift in English. It's such a great video and I get chills every time I watch it. I am so thankful for my Savior and Redeemer Jesus  Christ. One of my favorite scriptures for the neciamente of Jesus Christ would have to be John 3:16.
Love you guys!

December 1, 2014

I did happen to celebrate Thanksgiving! It was a pretty sad one I have to say but we had one none the less! We went to the church and had a little setup of chicken, potato mashed soup stuff, bread and coke. It was Elder Stone, me, the Hanson boys and 5 of the young women. It was different.

We also went to one of our investigators' house for her son's 7th birthday. He had a Spiderman crown which he let me wear.
Elder Stone and I are pumped for Christmas and his birthday is in 10 days! I'm planning on giving him cereal for breakfast.
Love you guys tons!