Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22, 2015

I love steaming, hot Christmas..ha-ha. This week has been really good and satisfying. Not very exciting but I was satisfied at the fact that we tried our very best to talk to the new investigators that we did.
Elder Reese and I decided this week that we were going to put the fire under the butts of all of our contacts and investigators to get the move on and put some actual urgency in there lives and actions. It occurred to me in one of my studies that all of the prophets of the Book of Mormon are always calling the people to repentance. They didn't just say  "Hey! We have a great message to share with you and it will bless your life forever! What do you say??" Rather they put the contrast behind it when the taught the people. For example... "We have a message of great happiness that tells us how we can live with our families forever in the life to come. Of course if we don't do the things that we should to obtain this eternal family we will be alone forever without the family relations that we now enjoy so very much. What do you think about that?" Anyways we tried that out this week and I was surprised actually on how well it turned out. I could see the importance of the message in the eyes of the people we were talking to. Rather than saying to us, "hmmm eternal families? Yeah that's nice. Excuse me my chickens in the oven." People started responding, "Wow. I defiantly DON'T want to not see my family forever. What can I do to prepare my family for that?" It was pretty cool.
I also went to Pirque for interchanges and it was awesome. I never thought I would have the opportunity to go to Pirque in the mission because the sister missionaries have been in charge of that sector for 3 years. It's the most southern part of our mission and its pretty much all wilderness... I'm not really sure how to say that in English. I'll just say campo, it was awesome. I got to ride on the back of a truck for a couple miles to get to a lady's house. 
A couple nights ago I had one of the worse nights of my life here on the mission. I woke up at 3am to super sharp and intense pains in my stomach area. After about 10 minutes of trying to cope with it, I got up to try to use the bathroom becasue by this point I was sweating. I was in so much pain but nothing came out. So, I tried to vomit, that's when the pickle/milk mix came out ha-ha. I had no idea that pickles and milk are not a good combination. Food is food. So when I'm hungry I eat the food, pretty simple.
My companion, Elder Reese falls asleep all the time and in any location. We can be in a lesson, in the church, anywhere...  We are going to buy an electric button so everytime his chin hits his chest it´ll give him a little shock.
I love you guys so much and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas remembering the birth of our Beloved Savior. What a wonderful time of the year it is and how blessed we are as children of loving Heavenly Parents.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 15, 2015

This week has been really good. Still setting everything up in this new sector so it can get rolling. We had some awesome adventures with Elder Reese this week, that's for sure ha-ha.
So we found a new investigator 5 days ago named, Juan but he likes us to call him Pepe. This dude is 97 years old. It's awesome though because he still is super active and can hear everything perfectly. He does talk a lot, but who can blame a man for talking a lot when he´s seen 97 years worth of experience ha-ha. So I imagine he's got lot on his mind. 
Wednesday we were walking down the street at 9:30pm trying to find someone to contact when we ran into this guy named Pedro. We started talking to him and after 5 minutes he told us to come inside. We went to his porch and it was illuminated with the light of giant fish tanks. We sat down and started talking to him. By my surprise our conversation quickly turned into a proposal to take over the country of Chile! ha-ha. I was like whoa hold up there buddy. Before I had time to figure out what was going on he gave us two contracts. One for me and the other for Elder Reese. As I skimmed through the proposals of the contract my eye caught the phrase, "Take power over nuclear weapons to secure border limits..." I couldn't help but start to laugh because the situation we were in was so strange. We hurried to explain to him that as missionaries we don't involve ourselves in political affairs and we got out of there, ha-ha. That's one of Elder Reese's favorite missionary experience now.
We also went to downtown Santiago to get Elder Reese's visa. In the registro civil, I met a bunch of exchange students from the states. I don't know why but it made me a little trunky talking to gringos who aren't missionaries. That was super cool! They couldn't believe I have been in Chile for almost a year and a half. I apologized to them if I had any grammatical errors in my English.
I love you guys!  

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015

So here I am in my new sector, Colonial, in the Zone of Codillera. It's a super ancient zone and the missionaries have worked it a lot. Something that's super cool is that Elder Stone was actually born in this very same sector. As well as his trainer, and his trainer's trainer... ha-ha (Elder Skousen and Elder Watts.) This sector is hard worked and almost everyone already knows who the LDS missionaries are... ha-ha. However that doesn't mean that there isn't anyone because that would be a lie. There is always someone.
My new companion is Elder Lancelot Reese. He's from Broken Arrow, OK and just got done with his training. (3months) What's funny is that when my companion Elder Jackson went home I had to go to the office to pick up a greenie. That Elder actually happened to be Elder Reese. Small mission ha-ha (it's actually super small...)
This week has been pretty good getting to know the new sector and everything. The members in the Ward are super awesome and nice but are not very accustomed to working with the missionaries. We will have that changed very soon though. Our apartment is nice. We actually have a dryer which is a complete miracle. I have missed clothes washing technology so much.
It's getting super hot... ha-ha that's all I have to say about that.
A miracle that we experienced yesterday was when we were contacting and contacting and contacting... and had no luck while doing so. When we came to a house and the spirit told us to try it out, so we went up and knocked. A girl 22 years old came to the door with a 2 year old toddler girl. After talking to her for a few minutes her mom came to the door and it turned out that the mom was a less active member and was baptized 12 years ago. The conversation at the door soon changed to a conversation in the living room. They told us that they suffered a traumatic loss in the family being their dad and husband. In all honesty, I don't remember all that we talked about last night with them because the conversation was completely and totally lead by the spirit. I do know however that we have a day to go back this Friday and we are going to go take a tour of the temple with them this Saturday.
I love my Savior so much and I am grateful that my Heavenly Father gave His only begotten Son so we can have joy and peace and return home one day.  I am so grateful for the sacrifices of both my Savior and my Heavenly Father. We know that by sacrifice and the doing of hard things, blessings and miracles are brought about.
I love you guys so much and I look forward to hearing how your week went next week. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015

Whelp, I'm finally done in my sector and have changes tomorrow. I have no idea where I'm headed off to yet but my suitcases are packed and ready to go. It's pretty funny when you pack up all your stuff as a missionary and realize how little of stuff you have to your name ha-ha. Then again it is nice not worrying about a bunch of stuff because now it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to pack. I have to say goodbye to a ton of people tonight... Así es la vida de la misión supongo.

I'm really excited to Skype the family in a couple of weeks for Christmas. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet though because I'm going to a new place. Here they have a pretty big US influence so almost everyone puts up decorations and lights. The best though is contacting during this time of the year because everyone likes Christmas and that means the sacred birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

We had a baptism last Sunday of Isidora, a 14 year old girl that has been taking lessons from the missionaries for 2 years. Recently, her mom gave her permission to be baptized. Her mom actually has a BD for the 20th, so we are super happy about that. :) 

Thanksgiving was a pretty regular day. I don't really remember much ha-ha.  I don't even think I recognized if it was Thanksgiving day or not. 

I love you guys and all tell you all about the new sector next week!   

Friday, November 27, 2015

November 24, 2015

Hey mom! Hey dad! I just want you to know I love you so very much.  I want to tell you about my awesome week.

It is getting very hot outside. Well, it's weird because the heat isn't around you rather it touches you and that heat is directly from the sun. I seriously believe I will get skin cancer later in my life if I'm not using sunscreen everyday. 

We have a baptism for this upcoming Sunday for an awesome girl named Isidora. Shes been investigating the church for 10 months now and I'm so proud of her for taking the next step of being baptized. I've taught her for so long and it's going to be awesome to see her finally enter the water of baptism. Keep her in you prayers!

We also had a special area conference with Elder Cook and that was super cool to hear a little English from someone that doesn't have as much Latino influence. Elder Cook and his wife talked to us about the Ward Council meetings and everyone learned some great stuff by the Holy Ghost. His wife Sister Cook actually told us a story that I love called, "The Star Thrower.": 

“Once, on ancient Earth, there was a human boy walking along a beach. There had just been a storm, and starfish had been scattered along the sands. The boy knew the fish would die, so he began to fling the fish to the sea. But every time he threw a starfish, another would wash ashore. "An old Earth man happened along and saw what the child was doing. He called out, 'Boy, what are you doing?' " 'Saving the starfish!' replied the boy. " 'But your attempts are useless, child! Every time you save one, another one returns, often the same one! You can't save them all, so why bother trying? Why does it matter, anyway?' called the old man. "The boy thought about this for a while, a starfish in his hand; he answered, "Well, it matters to this one." And then he flung the starfish into the welcoming sea.” 

We can't save every single person or make all the less active members come back to church all at once. We can start by working on one individual at a time. The scripture that I love and best fits with this story is D&C 18:16 

16 And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many soulsunto me!

I love you guys so much and if there's anything that I can pray for that you need I am at your disposal. :) 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 17, 2015

Man, I feel like you guys know everything before I even tell you now ha-ha. Yes, the baptism was fantastic and everything went smoothly. Dayana's a great girl and she is going to progress awesomely in the church.

We did a lot of service this week and to be honest my body is very tired right now, ha-ha. We were doing service for a guy in are ward named Cesar Salines. He's actually the same guy that let me Skype for Mother's Day. Super funny guy and I love his laugh. We mixed and poured concrete for him for a front and back patio. Wet cement is so freaking heavy. Especially when you only have a shovel to mix it all, but yeah. I love service. It means I can help the people and get a little ripper at the same time, win-win. ;) 
Yesterday we had lunch with new investigators and they are super cool. Their names are Angela and Marcelo with there two little kids. He has these tremendous speakers in the house that no joke move your rib cage. It literally vibrates your chest it's so powerful. We were listening to all of his favorite songs while we waited for lunch to be done. There's actually a song you should look up that I like whenever we hear it in the streets, it's called "Ginza" by J. Balvin. I really like Latina music now and want to listen to it after the mission, hymns of course also, ha-ha.  Oh, also my companion ate his first rooster testacle on Sunday. ha-ha 
Oh, I also got a package from Katie, so that was awesome. Thanks Katie. 
I love you guys so much and I know Heavenly Father is looking after every single one of us. Make sure you say you prayers! :) 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 10, 2015

It's been a great week full of sun. I'm pretty sure the sun is bleaching my eyebrows because I seriously have grandpa eyebrows now, ha-ha. It's getting pretty hot now. I need to wear some sunscreen but I'm so lazy.

This week we  had the baptism interview of Dayana and she will be baptized this Saturday at 8pm. I'm so happy for her and her decision to be a witness of Jesus Christ and taking on this first and beginning covenant with her Father in Heaven. We are so proud of her and love her so much. Hopefully, I´ll get to see her gain after I change out of this sector. 
We played soccer again today and I got a lot more sun. I don't know how Elder Reynolds does it but he just tans like a piece of toast. The gringos won today, so yeah! 

We attended Santiago's 3rd birthday and there were so many little kids.  It was great to share a special event with the Olave family. So that was super fun. :) 

I love you guys tons. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 27, 2015

This week was a time of great humbling and the sight of many miracles. Yesterday, we had a Zone Class about what miracles are and how we can have the spiritual eyes necessary to see these miracles. Honestly, before I was thinking that miracles were big things, like healing the sick, or pounding the investigator with a dream... something along those lines.  I now understand that every single thing that happens in our lives that is a manifestation of God's power... that is a miracle. So, I have been trying to put my spiritual glasses on and count how many miracles are made manifested unto Elder Reynolds and I in the work. After just one day of working we were up to 23. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's hand in the work. It really is so gratifying  to see. Miracles are real and that bares testimony  that there is a living and loving Heavenly Father and Son that have all power and all knowledge.

Halloween is coming up but not very many people celebrate it. Well... Chile has such a big influence from the states that they do a little bit of tricker-treating for the kids. For those adults that say, "Oh, it's just for my kids."  We all can see through the chocolate craving eyes that they all have. :) 

Well! I love the work. I love the Lord. I love my Savior and I love you guys. Always in my prayers and my most sincere thoughts. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 20, 2015

Today we found out about changes and it was really weird. Usually, what happens is the Zone Leaders call to tell you if you have changes or not, but this time I received a call directly from President Morgan. He told me that he has been praying a lot about whether I should stay here in this sector for another change, since I've been here 10 months. He said he felt like I should stay another change to show forth some of the same fruits that Elder Reynolds and I have been bringing to the Lord's house. I want to make these next six weeks that I have my most fruitful. If the Lord wants me here for another change because of the work we are doing, then I'm going to do my best in what he has planned for us.

Sadly, Elder Tehani is being changed. Honestly I think Elder Tehani is my best friend in the mission right now apart from Elder Stone. He actually reminds me so much of Stanley. I think that's why we have connected so fast. Elder Tehani is a great missionary and he is going to do amazing things in the sector he will be assigned to. I'm really proud of him. 

I got a haircut today that I really like. It however is pretty Latino but it makes me feel like I actually know how to play soccer or something ha-ha. I didn't dye my hair... I know a few people were worried that I was actually going to do it. It however does say in the mission manual that we can't dye or tint our hair, so I used that in my defense. 

We went to the temple on Saturday with Dayana who has a baptism date for the 14th of November. It was super cool to see and feel the spirit there as we taught. The temple is so powerful and I know it is somewhere we can go to receive personal revelation. 

Love you guys tons!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

This week has been so gratifying and I never want to forget it. 

Elder Reynolds and I decided that this week we would work our tails off and wouldn't stop until we met our goals and surpassed them. I really like being in a companionship with Elder Reynolds because we know how to make each other work hard. It feels so good. One of the best feelings is resting your head on your pillow at the end of the day, knowing that you put all your effort into making the Savior pleased that day. 
We have found many new people to teach and a few that are really divinely prepared. :) I love you guys so much and I hope you have an awesome week full of spiritual experiences to come. :) 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 6, 2015

This week has been really good revelation for me and for the investigators. I loved General Conference :) It was awesome. I finally could understand all of it watching in Spanish ha-ha. One of my favorite talks was by Elder Eyring talking about the power of the Holy Ghost.
We had to drop one of our investigators this week and it's probably what I dislike the most in the mission. I actually started crying when telling one of our investigators Mauricio that we were going to stop coming by and why. It is difficult to say that to your friends. However, I know that Heavenly Father will look out for them and knows what's best for their personal progression. 
We went to go eat sushi at a restaurant with our good buddy Pablo and his wife Miro. It was super good and we had a fun time. 
Something that I find myself growing to love is contacting families. Before it was super scary for me because who wants to talk to a big group of people you don't even know? Now, however it's something I look forward to everyday. Just the opportunity and privilege that we have to tell them how much potential that is waiting for them as an eternal family. 

I love my Father and Mother in Heaven. I love my Savior. I want to do everything I can with the time I have left to make them proud. 

 I love you guys so much and I hope you take advantage of the snow and make a snowman or something ;) 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 29, 2015

This week has been really productive and was an opportunity to see miracles on every corner. :)

We, being Elder Reynolds and I worked our tails off this past week but it felt SO good. By the end of that week I was so satisfied. We now have 3 new baptismal dates! I was however with a fever yesterday which was kind of lame but we missionaries have pretty good immune systems. ;) Even though we drink a lot of coke ha-ha. 

On Friday we went to a Ward activity and had a lot of fun eating steak and playing Chilean games. Many of our investigators and less actives came which made me so happy. I love seeing the members talk to our investigators. That is seriously a secret to a person's conversion and attendance, friends!

I lost to a bet with Elder Reynolds and now I have to dye my hair a light brown along with my eyelashes. I hate losing bets. It probably means I shouldn't bet in the first place but I'm a sucker when people offer them ha-ha. I made sure to check in the mission manual before to see if I could get out of it, but unfortunately there aren't any rules about dying your hair. :( It just says not in extreme colors. 

I love you guys so much and I hope you have an awesome week full of testimony building experiences. :) 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 22, 2015

Our house is a pile of bricks.......

Ha-ha, not really but it was actually a little scary and fun at the same time, the earthquake that is.  Everything is okay with missionaries in all of Chile. Truly a blessing from God. I took out a bit of money today to add a little to my emergency backpack just in case. They say there is going to be a big one the first week of October. It's better to be over prepared then not to be at all! 

Every member this last Sunday came up to me and started telling me how sweet my mom was and how cool she was for knowing Spanish, ha-ha it was pretty funny. They really got a kick out of knowing my "secret identity" too. 
We found many knew investigators this last week and I was really happy about that. One day we found a homeless guy. Well... a clean homeless guy that has money and works in the plaza that we have in our sector. It's called The Plaza of Puente Alto. We saw him sitting on a bench listening to music, so we sat next to him and started talking about his life. (Something that I've recently noticed in myself is that I really love and take joy out of getting to know other people.) He told us he was in a rough situation, that he was without a house and not making enough money to buy one. Then he started to cry... he told us in a soft whisper between his tears, "I want to know God." I couldn't help but smile SO BIG. It was just a real special moment for me some reason. Later that night, I asked myself if I knew God. Every time I ask myself that question I get filled with the spirit to the point where my bones ache. 

I tried to fly a kite today but I stink. A big factor of that though was probably because there was no wind. :) 

I love you guys so much and I´ll talk to you next week! 

with love, 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015

I have a new companion and his name is Carden Reynolds. He's a super awesome companion and I'm happy that he was able to take time out of his life to come here and serve the people. He is from Preston, Idaho where they filmed the movie Napolean Dynomite ha-ha. He's 18 and has 7 months in the mission. He has 3 other brothers and sisters and is the second oldest. I'm super excited to work with him and I'm grateful and happy to see the righteous desires of his heart.

I am still in Puente Alto as you probably know through all the connections that you have made in my ward. So after this change I will be completing ten months and a half here in this ward. There is still so much more work to do. Elder Reynolds and I are going to tear it up. :) 

I taught Tamara and the family as well as some investigators/friends how to make sushi this past Saturday and it was really fun. I'm sure you already know about that too! :P 

We have a pet turtle named Moroni. We found him in the street and adopted him. He just swims around our tub all day so he doesn't do much, ha-ha 

We are teaching a girl named Dayana that has 25 years and she is awesome. She actually is Tamara's little sister.  She is super receptive and picking it up fast. Last night we taught the first lesson on the restoration of the Gospel and it went really well. The only obstacle now is to teach around her school and work schedule. However she told us yesterday that she took time out of work the first week of October. I don't think I've ever smiled so hard. She's a good girl and I am excited to see her have a relationship and know the Savior. :) 

We played  soccer today with a bunch of taxi drivers and kicked trash. I really like soccer a lot now ha-ha and it´d be fun to do intermural when I get home. 

Love you! 
Sorry I totally forgot something! I got your package!!! Thank you so much seriously. I loved everything :) We actually had a cereal party this morning and it was great. I actually started crying a little bit when I pulled out one of Dad's favorite ties ha-ha. It was a little embarrassing but then again I cry in every lesson I teach. Mom thank you so much. Tell dad I said thank you too. I love you guys so much :) 

September 7, 2015

So, I am staying in my sector but do not know who my new companion is yet. I´ll find out tomorrow at changes. Right now I'm in a trio with E´Tehani and his son E´Silisque. It's really funny and interesting working in a trio ha-ha. Being the oldest comp I took them to my sector to visit some people and it was funny contacting because anyone would be scared if they had 3 missionaries surround them and start talking about a restored church. Mas que nada it was a fun experience.

Elder Jackson is probably already with his family in AZ. He said it was an 13 hour flight. I'm going to miss him but there is always time to see him when I get back. I learned a lot through him whether it was good or bad times. It helped me as a missionary and my progression, for that I give my Heavenly Father thanks.  

That's crazy that McKay is already off to college. It's weird how fast time goes. I can only imagine how it is for you and Dad. 

Oh yeah, one last thing. I was looking through the Bible Dictionary the other day and I found a word that brought back so many childhood memories. That word was asp, ha-ha "Grandpa do you want an asp bite?" 

I haven't received your package yet but that's because we haven't had the pouch come this week. I am going to the office tonight to meet with President Morgan and the other district leaders, so it might be there. We´ll cross our fingers! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1, 2015

We had a nice week. It's hard staying focused when you have a dying companion. We do our best to go out and work. Elder Jackson goes home next Monday and he is preparing to jump back into the real world.

We found this cool new investigator named, Joaquin. Super cool guy. We contacted him a couple blocks away from the church while we were waiting for Sacrament Meeting to start. He is 77 years old and has a black cat named Poncho. Super funny and catches everything that we teach.  He just needs the time to learn and know the truth for himself. 
We changed the sector limits this Sunday. We gave the other Elders a piece of our sector because they have no investigators. It was kind of sad for me though because I know a lot of people from there and now I can't visit them.
Funny fact. The water for Fabians baptism was way cold so we used water boilers to heat it a tiny bit. It didn't even do anything though, ha-ha. We had good intentions but we know where good intentions get us.. ;) 
Love you so much,

Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 25, 2015

So, this past week we had the opportunity of attending a reunion with Elder Gonzalez from the Quorum of the Seventy, super cool guy. The theme for the meeting was on the Sabbath, day of rest. I don't think I've had such a sacred view for this special day than I do in this moment. In fact Elder Gonzalez told us that the Quorum of the 12 apostles want to tell us that our Heavenly Father in fact is disappointed and even angry with his children for not treating this day with more remembrance and respect. That we as missionaries are the hands of the apostles and prophets to remind the Lord's children of how sacred this day is.

Anyway, I just thought that meeting was super cool. It really changed a lot on the ways in which I view things. We had the super happy day of baptizing our friend Fabian. All tears and smiles that day ha-ha. I forgot my camera however so I'll be sure to send the pictures next week. 

Well I would  ask you guys to please keep Elder Tehani in your prayers this week. His Grandma passed away and it was the last of his grandparents so it was very hard for him. President actually dropped by the pension today to tell him and it was hard for everyone to hear. We gave him a priesthood blessing and President testified on how we have the keys to the ministering of angels. When I think about it, my baptism promise always comes into my mind, mourn with those that mourn. I love Elder Tehani and hope that he can get back to work soon. Perhaps with his Grandma by his side. 

I love you guys a lot and I hope you guys have a wonderful week full of remembrance and actions guided by the spirit. :) 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 18, 2015

This week has been really good. I have to attend all these trunky going home meetings with Elder Jackson. I'm not sure if that's good for my missionary mentality or not ha-ha. So, the reason I'm writing so late is because all the systems have been down and we finally got through.  I made contact with Elder Mitchell Carroll today...well kind of. Elder Tehani and his companion went to the temple today and told some Latino missionaries that I would be in the temple gardens tomorrow and to let Elder Carroll know that. I am going to the temple tomorrow and wait outside for Elder Jackson for 5 hours as he does his little-honor-thing with President Morgan. So hopefully I'll get to meet up with Little Mitchie at the temple.

We played basketball today and Elder Jackson taught me how to look like an actual player ha-ha, he's a true baller though. While he was making tons of 3 pointers, I was just juggling my soccer ball.

So Fabian has his baptism interview today and I'm way excited for him. It's been such a great opportunity to see how far he's come in such little time. He truly is a great friend of mine and I'll probably shed a few tears when I change.

That's totally awesome that you guys got to hang out with Nana and Napa this past week. Seriously though you all look so different from when I left Alaska. I can't wait to see what you are like in another year. :)

¡Les quiero muchísimo!

Friday, August 14, 2015

August 12, 2015

This week has been super good and we are expecting a baptism soon of our good friend, Fabian. He has come a long way and I love him so much. It's weird in this mission we don't baptize a lot but one thing we do is build strong relationships with those we teach. I've been in this sector for almost 9 months and I can say that is what I have with people here in Puente Alto, a strong connection.  Fabian is planning on being baptized the 22nd of this month. Please pray for him that would mean a lot, specifically that he won't smoke or drink tea. That he will feel the spirit of God through this process.

We had Zone Conference yesterday and it went really well, I learned so much. We talked about the temple and about the sealing ordinance. Really trunky conference for sure but a lot of knowledge attained. :) President Morgan is super awesome and I am getting the opportunity to get to know him on a more personal level. 

We had a fun time hiking in the mountains this pday. I was hoping to see some snow but unfortunately we didn't reach that elevation. 

As time goes forward and I think about hitting my year mark, I take time to look back on the progress and development that my testimony has made and it's a little emotional, honestly. The fact that the mercies of God are so great and all we need to have is the desire to gain it. I love my Heavenly Father and Mother and I know without doubt in my heart that they are waiting for the time that will soon come, when we can return to their presence. I love them and my Savior. I love you guys and look forward to the day when we reunite together in the presence of God. 

With love-   

August 4, 2015

The first week of the change and it went by great. Elder Jackson is just trunkying me up with his own trunky thoughts, ha-ha. I guess that's just the consequences for killing a companion in the mission though.

I got to meet up with Elder John a nuevito in the mission that went to highschool with Peyton P. So that was really cool.

Sorry if this email is complete crap but I'm just really tired right now and have a service project that we need to go to. I love you mom and the family so much and I´ll talk to you next week :) 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015

Seriously, thought I was being changed this week but apparently I'm just a pro in this sector. That or President doesn't trust me going to another one, ha-ha. After this change, I will have served 9 months in this ward. I am so attached to all the people here now. I've been here so long that everyone I walk by on the street looks a little familiar ha-ha. I love everyone in this sector, though it will be hard to leave when the time does come. 
I gave a talk in church last Sunday and I was super nervous. I dislike giving talks in front of large groups of people. I get stage fright really easily. If I have to talk in front of more than 10 people I get nervous. It's an attribute that I need to start working on. 
I'm excited to be killing "staying with until he goes home" my companion, Elder Jackson. I'm going to try and learn all I can from him, wring out all his knowledge if you will. 

Love you! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

Well it's been pretty cold this week and I feel like such a wimp because I'm the one getting cold faster even though I'm from Alaska, sheesh! People tell me I should have bear skin or something but that has never really made much sense to me ha-ha. I went on divisions up in the mountains last Tuesday to a place called San Jose de Maipo. Pretty sweet place for sure, really cold but pretty. My calves probably grew 2 inches from spending a day up there. We walked literally up the mountains to get to these Elders' investigators ha-ha. 
We also had interviews with our President this last Wednesday and it was great to get to know him and his wife on a more personal level. He is so different from President Wright. He's really loving. You can just feel the love he has for you in the way that he speaks, acts, and listens. I aspire to follow his example and give off the same radiance that he does. 
We have some changes actually as a mission, to some of the rules anyways. First we now have our P-days on Tuesday instead of Monday. We can  go to the temple every 3 months and changes or transfers will be on Wednesdays, pretty big ha-ha. It´ll be a little weird for me the first couple weeks but I'm sure I´ll get used to it in no time. 
I've been focusing my studies on the powers of the Atonement lately and there is just SO much to learn. Specifically this week I studied about the strengthening power. In my own words this power of the Atonement is, "growing in patience and increasing the amount of acceptance to the will or mysteries of God through afflictions and trials." In 1Nephi 1:1, Nephi explains through the afflictions that he has gone through, he now better understands the "mysteries" of God or in other words, "the will of God" as we see being shown in Mosiah 24:15 the people begin to have a greater amount of "patience" and submit cheerfully to the will/mysteries of the Father. As we pass through afflictions and trials of our own, we as Nephi will have a greater understanding of the mysteries of God and therefore increase the amount of patience that we have to submit cheerfully to the will of our loving Heavenly Father. Really no one can deliver us from our afflictions but God the Father. (Mosiah 24:21) 

Love you!  

July 13, 2015

Well we had tons of rain these last two days. Like TONS. I was so soaked. I  had the opportunity to develop an extremely close relationship with my umbrella. Man he's such a champ. Anyways, yeah that's defiantly a blessing from God. I was seriously smoking like 2 packs of smog a day before that rain fell. 

We have interviews with President Morgan this Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to that. So I'm going on divisions with my district leader Elder Wilkes this Tuesday and he lives so far away. I'm really excited because his sector is up in the mountains that border Argentina. I'm really hoping there's snow up there. I haven't seen snow in a long time. 

We went to this place in Centro because they sell gringo stuff. We treated ourselves to a nice refreshing can of Mt. Dew. It was seriously liquid gold running down my parched throat. Super good. 

Also we went to this awesome museum today called "The Mim." Super cool place. It's one of those interactive places that relates to science. 

So I've been working on developing a Christ like attribute for this past 2 weeks. I chose the Christ attribute of DILIGENCE. I have been trying to get in the natural habit of being exactly obedient. Such as... getting up on time, keeping lunch appointments to an hour, etc. It really has been going well and I find myself not straining as much as to remember to do those things, rather they are just something that is part of me. I am thankful for the perfect example of my Savior and for the opportunity that I have to follow it.
I love you guys so much and I hope you have a wonderful time with the magnificent Katie Robinson!

with love- 

July 6, 2015

We got rain around 4 o'clock yesterday after church and it was such a miracle. Thank you all who joined in this effort to fast for Chile and poor air quality. I have a testimony of fasting. It does really bring miracles through submitting to the will of our loving Heavenly Father. The fact that we can leave the ways of the world and trust in the powers which are in the heavens, it really is something.

So apparently I've been talking in my sleep in Spanish for the past couple nights keeping my companion, Elder Jackson up ha-ha. I've just have taught so many lessons I'm starting to do it in my sleep now too. 

We only had 65 people in church this last Sunday which was really disappointing. On the flip side though we had 6 investigators come with us and that was great. 

Today we went to a 50´s diner place to each lunch called Johnny Rockets, super good. It did however make me a bit trunky ha-ha. I love to eat at places like that. 

We had a meeting with our new Mission President, President Morgan on Saturday. He is awesome. Apparently he's a professional actor/singer. He and his daughter sang for us, which was amazing. He is super funny and I am excited to be serving by his side for the next year. 

I love you guys tons and I´ll talk to you next week!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015


That's awesome to hear you guys are doing so good back home. That makes me really happy. This week has been pretty crazy with lots of fans and soccer games. That is my favorite way of contacting now. I actually bought an American Cup soccer ball from a less active member in our ward, it's pretty sweet!  We as missionaries had lots of BBQs and soccer games this week, ha-ha.

We have an appointment with Lucy at 7pm tonight and I'm totally pumped to see her. I feel its been forever. She is doing great and reads everything we give her. I can feel the love that her Heavenly Father has for her every time we are in that house. It really is something special. 

Today, we went to San Cristobal and Santa Lusia, which was really fun. We went with an investigator of the other Elders named Eduardo. Every time Elder Jackson and I are walking home, he invites us in for homemade jello. He's an awesome guy. 

I've been thinking a lot about becoming a more consecrated missionary while time goes by here on the mission. Just ways in which I can become more spiritually sensitive. The fact that I can use the Atonement Of Christ for just this purpose astounds me. Really, the Atonement is the only element in which we can reach all the goals and desires of our hearts. I am so deeply grateful for the sacrifice and suffering that my Savior took on for me, for every single one of us, including all the worlds that have been created. 

Love you guys tons!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 22, 2015

This week was all about Elder Jackson and finding the best way for him to adapt to this awesome sector. He is really such a great guy and I look up to him a lot for the things that he has been able to conquer while being on the mission. Yes, we have made several connections; such as our old riding area Sycamore Creek by the base of Four Peaks. He says he used to go down there all the time. He is actually from a little town called St. Johns. That's where his Grandpa's farm is and everything, super cool. 
We have been working a lot with Ludmila (Lucy) and her family lately. I was just beaming with joy when I saw her come into the chapel this last Sunday. She is making great progress and really coming to know her personal relationship with her Father in Heaven and her Savior Jesus Christ. 

I've been studying recently the life of Jesus Christ and the many miraculous things that he did during his lifetime and ministry here on the earth. Something I found really cool is when Jesus told Peter to throw their nets on the side of the boat to catch the fish after he had been going at it all day and didn't have a single sliver of success. (Luke 5:4-5)  
4 Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let
down your nets for a draught.
5 And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.
6 And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.
7And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them, And they came and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink.
So we know that Simon Peter was a fisherman and through this profession he was able to provide for his family. At times we may overlook that the disciples really did have their own families back home. The reason I really like this story of Jesus providing this miracle to Peter is because he was taking care of Simon Peter's family before he called him on the long journey as one of his disciples. How? With all that fish that Jesus provided for Peter he was able to leave his family for a few months with plenty of food to eat. That's really such a big testimony to me that when we as missionaries go out and away from our family and loves ones for two years, he will provide the means for them as we are by his side and doing His glorious work. I love my Savior so much and as I study more about His life I find myself developing a more personal connection with Him and His work.
I love you guys so very much and I hope you have a great week to come.
With all the love, 
Elder Parker Pile 

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Elder Capuñay and I did have changes today. Elder Capuñay went to the sector El Castillo which is the most gangster part of the mission, that's fun. I am staying here and I'm happy about that.  I have a new companion, Elder Jackson. He is super cool and I know we are going to get along. He only has 3 months left which is a bummer but that's how the mission rolls. He is from Mesa Arizona and is total country, it's so cool. For example, I asked him what he wants to study after the mission and he said he wants to study tractors in Nebraska and be a tractor mechanic. He has a family of eight and he is the only one to serve a mission. We have the same exact birthday which is crazy! He is a great guy and I can't wait to do the Lord's work together. 

I'm pretty much the champion of Risk here in the mission. The Elders challenge me every P-day. I guess I load the dice or something because I just wreck.  Before the mission talents can be useful;) 

The other Elders and I are getting shredded now. Workout time is actually taken seriously now in our pension, well it has for the past 2 months and it's starting to show. I have once again regained my six- pack and I'm growing in muscle. I can now do 40 pull ups in a row and push ups are our cool down.  
It's getting cold now at night and in the morning. I can finally see my breath. People say that I am immune to the cold since I'm from Alaska but what they don't understand is that I've been living in Chile for 10 months, ha-ha. 

Study Doctrine and Covenants Section 88, some pretty cool stuff in there. I love you guys so much and hope you have a great next week. 

With love from your pig,  

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

So, I totally forgot to make a points list during the week of all my fun adventures. I´ll try and remember as best I can.

Last Friday we had a meeting with President Wright in our Puente Alto Stake building with the zone Vicuña Mckenna. It was really sad because this is the last time we will have an official time to see President Wright. We said our goodbyes and everyone shed some tears of their own. Elder Stone especially because he's just a big cry baby. It was great to see him there too. Elder Stone only has 6 weeks left on his mission and then he goes back to good old Utah. It's sad to see him almost done but it will be fun to meet up after the mission. You could even meet up with him when he gets back, that would be fun. (Sorry no pictures because I forgot my camera back in the house.) 

I'm pretty much a "Cookie-making Master" now and I have many orders to fill every P-day. All of the members crave chocolate chip cookies, ha-ha. It's also a great way to fix relationship problems that people have had with past missionaries, so that's really useful. 

I'm getting really nervous for next Monday because it is a possibility that I will be transferred to a new sector. I've been in this sector for six months with Elder Capuñay. We will just wait it out and see. 

Well I love you tons and tons and I´ll talk to you next week!  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

So I really enjoyed sending the point by point email last time, I'm going to repeat my actions from last week.

1. First time someone has laughed at my testimony. 
So this is probably not the happiest point in the beginning of an email but I also learned a lot from this experience. We were at this old investigator's house named Raul Neira and he was probably the most stubborn old man that I have ever talked to in my life. He was so bad that we just decided to bear our testimonies and book it out of there. I went first bearing my testimony of JS and the restoration and he starts laughing at me, pointing and just laughing hysterically. It was SO frustrating. I learned that not all are prepared to hear the gospel and that we can only do our best and that's what matters to God. 

2. Teaching in my sleep 
Apparently I teach and contact in my sleep on a regular basis ha-ha. My companion told me this during the week and he says if he was a investigator he would be baptized. I do remember one time however I woke up trying to shake a person's hand. When I realized it was pitch black I started apologizing to the people of how dark it was and that they couldn't see my outstretched hand.

3. Temple. 
We took a temple trip this last Thursday as a pension and it was so great to be back in the House of the Lord. I have learned so much through going to the temple and I hold those things very sacredly. 

4. Cookie Disaster
I decided I would bake chocolate chip cookies for the Elders with my new pack of brown sugar last Tuesday. I don't know what happened exactly because they just fell into complete apostasy. They caramelized and hardened right away. I think I need to put less sugar next time,  ha-ha but yeah. 

5. Companion is hooked on hot chocolate. 
My companion, Elder Capuñay before this week had no idea what hot chocolate was. For Elder Pile of course that is unacceptable. We went to the store and got hot chocolate and marshmallows and at the end of the night stayed in the pension until bed time drinking hot chocolate. Elder Capuñay just loves it now and tells me if hot chocolate was a girl he would marry her. 

6. Broke the bunk bed. 
Let me just say something before I tell you about what happened. What happens in the house, stays in the house, ha-ha. So really the picture explains it a lot better than I could so... yeah. 

7. Investigators.
We have 5 new investigators this week which is just great because it is really hard to find people interested here in Santiago. One of them is a mom named Ludmila Madrid, she has 3 kids. Two girls of 26 and 20 and a son who is 12. It started out as a reference that we recieved and went to on Tuesday night. We knocked and she answered the door and said that she had been waiting for us. She then told us that she needed help building her bedroom.  So, we got right to it; putting down floor board and painting until 10 at night. Probably the most extensive service project that I've done on the mission. It was worth it because she is now coming to church. So, if you could pray for her that would mean so much. :) 

I love you guys so much and I´ll talk to you next week! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 25, 2015

So, I'm just going to go point by point over what happened this week, sounds good? Great.

1. Bible Bashers. 
So my companion and I are currently working on a less active members' list and visiting  every single house to find out what exactly happened to stop attending church. We stopped by a lady's house named Liliana Gutierez. We called at the door and she came out with a look of, "I should have looked through the door first..." We introduced ourselves and she let us in, no sweat. Then we met her husband... wow! This guy has studied the Book of Revelations all his life. He starts questioning us on everything that Pedro says during that part of the Bible. Eventually it got so ridiculous that he accidentally ripped a page out of his own Bible to show us a specific scripture. What the heck? So I had to make another appointment and got out of there quick before he started ripping pages from my Bible.
2. Always running into Trash. 
I have no idea why but I ALWAYS find myself running into trash that hangs up on people's gates. I seriously just don't look up like at all. I'm always focused on where I'm going rather than where I will end up. Wow, total revelation of a life lesson right there ha-ha. I need to watch out for those now, not too kind to the face. 

3. Magic for Investigators and Members alike.
All of our investigators and members of our ward love to see magic tricks now, ha-ha. 
4. Companion's Birthday.
My companion, Elder Capuñay had his birthday 21st and turned a whopping 23 years old. Funny story, when we were first companions in January I didn't believe that he was 22. So one day when he was in the bathroom I snuck his wallet and took a peek at his identification, ha-ha. Sure enough he was an old fart after all. 

5. Dogs chasing us. 
I love playing pranks on my companions every once in a while. I know this place where the dogs are especially ferocious. So one day I take Elder Capuñay down there and start stomping on the grown really hard and yelled, "Run!" Before we know it we are running away from a pack of  5 dogs at full sprint, ha-ha. I was laughing so hard when we were a safe distance to catch our breath. Poor Elder Capuñay. Yesterday was the first time my companion has seen a riding lawnmower. I was pretty astounded.) 

6. Flu shots. 
So this last Zone Conference we had on on Saturday, we had the opportunity to get some more flu shots. You know me when it comes to shots, I absolutly dread them. Ademas I was the first batter up and took it like a champ. I'm sure I said a short prayer before or something. Yeah that was fun. 

That's a little bit of my week. I hope all is well back home, it sounds like it. I love you guys so very much and I know this gospel and work is directly from and directed by our loving Heaveny Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. 

With love,   

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

This week we have been focusing a lot on finding new investigators which means a lot of contacting. I honestly like contacting because it gives me a chance to really express the reason I'm serving in Chile. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ.

I have been pretty busy making cookies for all the families of our ward this week. They just love gringa cookies. (If you notice the apron in the photo I'm definitely getting one for family BBQ. 

Today for Pday we went down a couple of stations and played soccer with my old zone and Javiera Carera. That was pretty fun. We also played risk at Hno. Borquez´s house. I'm sure you can figure out what happened there. ;) 

Love you 

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

So this week was just awesome. I loved seeing all of your beautiful faces. You look great with your new haircut Mom. I just love talking with my family. Praying together was something special and I will cherish that amazing experience forever. Cesar said I have a beautiful family and I know that's for certain. I can't wait to spend eternity with my family in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father.

I went on divisions with my Zone Leader, Elder Lloyd and the Assistant to the President, Elder Solis. I learned a lot from them and how we can strive to be more obedient missionaries. I really do want to strive to be as obedient as possible and work diligently as partners with my Savior Jesus Christ. 

Thanks for everything. I'm so grateful to have you as a family. I love you guys so SO very much and I know that families are truly ordained of God. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

I am so excited to Skype with you guys! About skype: Would 7:00 pm work? That would be 2:00pm your time, I think. :)

So this was transfer week and Elder Keesling left our ward. That guy was super cool and I hope I see him around. We recieved an Elder Kurn from Provo, Utah. He seems like a good guy. He has 3 months left so we step on egg shells when we talk about our girlfriends around him ha-ha. 

Today we went to Trinidad to go say goodbye to all the missionaries that are going home today. It's weird to see as I progress time-wise in the mission, all of my friends that I've known the longest go home ha-ha. I quess that's just the way it is. 

I love the ward I am serving.  It's going to be a sad moment when I leave it. I've grown so comfortable and feel so welcomed with everyone and I look forward to every Sunday

I'm  ready to see and hear your voices,  I love you guys so very much.  

Con mucho amor por ustedes :) 

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

McKay, that is the most macho thing I've ever heard in my life. I had to take one of those out two weeks ago, I´ll save you the details. I'm sure McKay can describe it to you if you want ha-ha.

So we did service for a recent convert this week. Well, more like I did service because my companion has never in his life touched a weed whacker, so that went well. 
I got an awesome letter from Taylor on Tuesday. Taylor you absolutely amaze me with your artistic ability, I absolutely loved it. Some of your drawings are hanging in our living room. 

I made a giant cookie pie today for all the Elders using your recipe. I'm afraid I used a bit too much flour but it turned out okay. Chocolate chips are like diamonds here, they are very hard to find and not the cheapest thing ever. 

The weather is getting a little more chilly with every passing week. I'm just waiting for the rain to come, that will be exciting. 

So this week President Wright asked us to bury our weapon of disobedience; whether it be sleeping in, not exercising, really anything. So, I actually made a cardboard cutout of a sword and wrote my disobedient action on the sword. I than proceeded to bury it in my tupperware full of sand and prayed to Heavenly Father to help me keep this weapon buried. It was a great experience!
Love you guys!!! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

April 20, 2015

So I'm sure you can guess by my heading what my week has consisted of, ha-ha. Yeah, my comp and I stayed in the house Monday- Friday because I was so busy puking my lungs out. Apparently I had a stomach virus of the sorts. I´ll just say that I've seen every Mormon Message five times.

Stake Conference was Sunday and that went well. I pretty much entertained a baby that was sitting in front of me the entire time though ha-ha. That same night we had the opportunity of watching "Meet the Mormons," in the Stake Center, super good. Some of the voices are pretty funny though since they are all translated into Spanish. It was a great movie. When everyone saw the hacky-sack players from Nepal, they pointed and said, "Hey there's Elder Pile!" ha-ha. 

I actually broke into my sweaters bag today because its starting to get a little chilly. Makes sense since we are in Chile. Oh boy, got to reel that one back in before he jumps away. *chic* *chic* *chic*.  I do enjoy wearing sweaters. 

We threw a surprise birthday party for my ward missionary leader on Saturday and that was really fun. We bought him pizza and I gave all of my left over gringo candy to him. He and his wife are really cool. (Hno. y Hna. Borquez.) 

The language is coming along great and I enjoy rather than dread teaching lessons now. I love this gospel so much and I know really how true it is. I love my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ and all he does for me. 

Love you guys! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 13, 2015

So we had a pretty slow going week because both my and Elder Keeslings companions were sick with high running fevers. We went on divisions the whole week working in both of our sectors. It was pretty fun but it stinks a lot that my companion is sick.

Elder Tahani had his 6 months this week so we burned ties. I didn't burn a tie for my 6 months mark, so I did it with him. Only my tie says, "two months ago." ha-ha. That's always fun. 

I also got to practice some cooking skills when I made Bazooka for a noche de hogar that we had in Elder Keeslings sector. Thanks for that Mom, I owe you. 

That's crazy that Mitch is coming down here in August. I'm definitely going to have to visit him when he is in the CCM. 

That's awesome that Taylor got her Patriarchal Blessing this past week, on Easter Sunday too! That's way cool. 

So apparently Imagine Dragons played here in Santiago yesterday. That's probably why all of our investigators weren't home last night, ha-ha but yeah that's cool. 

We did service and painted the house of our recent convert Nadia :) 

Love you guys SO much! 

with love- 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 6, 2015

General Conference was such a great way to end the week. I loved every single talk. I especially loved and admired the talk given by Elder Holland about the two brothers rock climbing. I got a little choked up at that one. Every one of the talks was so packed full of spiritual power. Priesthood session too, that was awesome!
I received your package and I absolutely loved it. Thank you so very much for that. My investigators will be "Sushi Making Masters" in no time. I was surprised to find my old hacky-sack in the package that you sent me. I was so happy to start practicing again. Actually that's our warm up before we play soccer in the morning. It's pretty fun. 
We had a Missionary-run Ward activity earlier this week about Lehi´s dream, The Tree of Life. It was super fun. We dressed up and acted.  I was nominated by the ward to be Nephi because I smile a lot I guess. We took a string and made it go through the whole church,  that was our iron rod. Then we blindfolded everyone and told them to follow it until they reached the Tree. It turned out really fun and successful. :)  

I made a video because you guys wanted to hear me speak a little Spanish.  Love you!  

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

So we are all gearing up for General Conference because it's seriously the best thing ever. Hearing from a Prophet of God in direct time is seriously such a blessing. I'm so very grateful for that.

It's been raining quite a bit this week but usually during the night when I'm all cuddled up in my sleeping bag. I love the rain and love to listen to it patter against the window. My companion E´Capuñay shook me awake at 3 in the morning yelling, " Relámpagos! Relámpagos!" Which means lightning in English. Apparently thunder and lighting does not exsist in Peru, ha-ha. So he made me stay up with him like an hour watching the lightning. Finally I said , "Alright buddy you can watch all the lighting you want in the spirit world if we get struck tonight. But right now our mortal bodies need some sleep." So after about a minute more he went back to sleep. 

So we were having lunch with the Familia Santibañez and the husband wanted a blessing for his mouth because it was hurting a lot. So I pulled out my oil and was in the middle of the annointing when no oil came out. I said to him, "Well as you can see hermano we´ve been giving a lot of blessings this week." So we  blessed some oil right there on the spot and proceeded to give him another blessing. 

We also had service this week cutting off branches for the Relief Society President in our ward. So that was fun. We have a before and after picture of that. No joke this Hermana, Hermana Quiroga looks a lot like you mom ha-ha and some of the same personality traits. It's pretty cool. I´ll have to take a picture with her sometime. 

But yeah that is a little bit of what happened this week. Hope all is well and I love you so much! 

With love from your missionary-    

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 23, 2015

So we had changes today and I'm with my good buddy Elder Capuñay for another month and a half.  "Good Old Chester" is a District Leader now, that's exciting. My Grandpa Elder Skousen went home today. We had to take a 3 generation picture before he left for the airport. So I´ll put that in here. :) 

I had to go pick up my carnet from Santiago Central on Tuesday, that was fun. I'm finally legal in this country so I'm pretty glad about that ha-ha. 

We had a great Noche de Hogar Saturday with 3 families and it was awesome. When missionaries attened a FHM you can be sure they are the ones who have the responsabilidad to share the lesson. I put that word in spanish because I forgot how to spell it in English ha-ha. Afterwards, we had pizza and everyone wanted to know more about Alaska. I tricked everyone to think that we have polar bears as pets. It was pretty great. 
Love you! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

We had 3 baptisms this week and wow was it amazing. We baptized Nadia Galdamez, Constanza, and Nelson. It was such a special day for everyone. :) I have to say though some Spanish names are hard to pronounce especially when each one has 4 names. Thankfully nothing too embarrassing happened and it all went smoothly. It was a very nicely run baptismal service.
My companion and I have been hard at work this week and I am just dead. But hey! When you work hard you get paid well, so I´ll go until my legs pop off, ha-ha. 

We had Zone Conference this past Thursday and it was just absolutely fantastic. We talked about temples and of course we couldn't go anywhere without talking about the powers of the Atonement. I learned so much. I'm pretty sure President Wright is going to be a future Seventy. No joke, that guy is super capo. 

Today's P-day was a blast. We met all of my missionary friends over at the Mission Office and played "Magic" and had pizza. It was great to see all my buds from my old sector in Las Chubis, like Chester, E´Stone, and E´ Collins and everyone. 

Lets see... I got a haircut 45 minutes ago. While I was in the office I grabbed the letters for E´Barfuss and Stone and gave those to them. I loved the letter from Taylor too. That was awesome. I love you guys so very much! Thank you for all that you do for me. 
with love, 

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

I loved your email and it sounds like you guys just had an amazing week. The snow looks absolutely fantastic. That's crazy that she's a whole 15 years old now. She´ll be eligible to start double dating before I get home ha-ha. Anyways, my week has been good. We have had and are still having many meetings as a mission due to the fact that President Wright is leaving in June and we get a new President whose name is Marty Morgan. It's a pretty funny name ha-ha, he´s from California. At one of the meetings I did however get to see and talk with Elder Stone for a bit. That guy is just awesome. I really hope we reconnect after the mission. He's my best friend in the mission. He got extended a change so now he leaves in the middle of July. 

It was also Elder Barfuss´s birthday and I gave him a tie to celebrate. Ha-ha that guy is so goofy in everyway imaginable. We have 3 baptisms scheduled for this upcoming Sunday. I'm pretty sure I told you about that in my last email. I´ll make sure to take pictures. 

So I have a favor to ask mom. Would it be possible to send me 5 or 6 of those sushi rollers? All of our investigators want me to teach them how to make sushi. It's pretty much our secret weapon for planning noche de hogars and stuff. I've already taught 3 families how with printer paper but its SO much easier with those bamboo rollers. 

I love you guys so much and I know that our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ live and love us unconditionally. Easter time is coming up and I hope that each of you remember the sacrifice and love that Jesus had for us when completing his Atonement for the world. 

With love,    
Elder Pile