Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

So this week has been one of the hottest yet. I never knew I could sweat so much! It may not be too, too hot but the sun here is ridiculously strong. I'm pretty sure I'm going to come home with skin cancer. I really need to start putting sunscreen on. So, I always want to get better at contacting, so we took 2 hours out of our day yesterday to practice this. We were walking down the street and I stopped my companion and told him that I want to go contact flytes in this plaza above this road called Mexico (original).  I always get a kick out of our conversations because they are so chill. So we walk up there and we at this point don't have enough time to contact, so we decide to head home. As we walk past a teeter totter with a couple on it I hear, "Hello! How are you!"  I ignore this because usually that's the end of their knowledge in the English language. Then this guy says, "You guys are missionaries right??"  I was like, "what the heck he actually knows English!" So we start talking to him and his English is good but I have a hard time understanding him. Anyways, we get to talking and it turns out that he works for the British Embassy. All of a sudden his girlfriend asks, "So what is your purpose as missionaries? What do you want to share with people?" And if that isn't an invitation to start sharing the gospel I don't know what is, ha-ha. So we do what we do best and told them about our wonderful message. Now we have 2 new investigators! We also got a worthy picture with him for his profile.
So about Elder Taylor. I'm actually in the same apartment as an Elder named Elder Keesling and he was in the same district in the CCM as this E' Taylor! Small world when you're in the right places :). And! You know the Peruvian family I told you guys about during skype in my old sector?? They got baptized yesterday! Way to go Elder Stone! When I found out I actually started crying a little bit, no joke, I was so overwhelmed with joy and I knew they were choosing a way of happiness :)

I love you guys tons and look forward to writing you next week! 
With love,

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