Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

So as you know I now have a new sector in the south part of our mission called Puente Alto. You can probably type it in Google maps and it should come up. I'm sorry if my spelling is tottally crappy or I don't add spaces, it's just that this keyboard is from the 50's. My sector is great. There are a lot of flytes, every one respects the missionaries. At least for the most part ha-ha. It is however very large and we walk EVERYWHERE. Blisters on the bottom of my feet are not the happiest thing I have experienced ha-ha. My compi Elder Capuñay is a total G and I love him. He's a great comp and he knows how to work hard. He's from Chicalio Peru and is 22. He was baptized when he was 13 and he has insane knowledge regarding Bible scriptures. Having a Latino companion is helping my Spanish a ton. It's weird to think in Spanish inside your head rather than in English. We went to San Cristobal today and met up with my favorite missionaries, Elder Stone and the gang! ha-ha. We had a blast and enjoyed the veiw of Santiago. The hike up though was not all that great however, the sun here in Chile freaking blazes anything it touches. Trust me, I have the sunburn lines to prove it ha-ha.  I met a bicyclist from Haines, AK at the top! It was super cool.

Love you guys tons and talk to you soon!

I hope you like my neck tan line! ;) 

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