Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 12, 2015

So all that was really mentionable about this week was my birthday! But birthdays in the mission do not go unnoticed that's for sure. As soon as the other Elders found out we had plans for a party that night in 5 minutes flat ha-ha. I did receive a Peruvian tradition to the head. Literally ha-ha. All my pension buddies circled up around me and each smashed an egg on my head! It was pretty great. The only bad thing was that these eggs had been sitting in our fridge for 3 freaking months ha-ha. They weren't the best smelling that's for sure. We had cake and Inca Kola which was very tasty! Oh and funny thing, I have never met another missionary who has seen The Regular show but at last one has been revealed! His name is Elder Barfuss and he's living in our pension. So once we figured out we were both fans there was no stopping the infinite wave of quotes ha-ha. "You idiots get back here and help me pick up my gumballs!" Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes! I love you guys so very mush and appreciate your great support. 
with love,  

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