Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

So this week flew by really fast for me too! I had a week full of service work and playing with my best friends the puppies of Chile. We helped a man in our ward put up a foundation to his second floor and it was heavier than the Ark of the Covenant, ha-ha. It was very heavy, I'm sure Dad could tell you that. We got that up and had a "Sprite" cheers in honor for our victory. I also had to take care of my Visa in Santiago Centro which is always crammed full of people, so that was fun.  I am now in fact legal to be in this country, so that's good. When I receive my actual card I´ll send you a picture of it. I received letters from you and Taylor this past Tuesday and I loved them. Thank you so very much and tell the girls I love them! Do you know a Mark Hopkins or someone from the Hopkins family in Alaska? I realize there are many people living in Alaska but a hermano came to me yesterday wondering if I knew a man with this name and I told him I would check.  I love you guys so very much.

Elder Pile

Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

So this week has been a busy one! I received packages from you guys and the Cobey Pile family. I loved both of them so much! It's such a special thing for missionaries to receive packages, ha-ha. We actually have a special ceremony we do when opening packages now. Maybe I´ll video tape it sometime.
I  have a cool story to tell you that happened this last Tuesday. So, Elder Capuñay and I went to pay the dentist. First, we needed to stop at the bank to withdraw the money for the payment. So we took a colectivo or a taxi down to the bank and started waiting in this line. When all of a sudden I realized I didn't have my wallet in my back pocket where I always keep it. I forgot it in the taxi. Smooth move Parker! So we run over to the nearest taxi and ask for him to inform his taxi buddies about my lost wallet over his radio. There are over 5,000 taxis in Santiago and so at this point I was having very little faith that I would find my wallet again. My wallet had both debit cards, one for the mission and the other personal, temple recommend, drivers license, insurance, and a bit of cash. So the Taxi office gave us their number and told us they would call us if they found it. So, we went back to the house and started calling President and the secretaries to start getting new cards. It was pretty much a sure thing that someone had taken it by now. I needed to freeze my account and all that jazz. Of course, no one picked up. So, we did the next thing and said a prayer. 5 seconds after I ended this prayer we hear an "ahlo" at our gate. We go see and it's our neighbors looking for an Owen Parker Pile of the church of JCOLDS. They told us that they had gotten in a taxi 10 miles away from the house to come home and they found my wallet on the back seat. Out of 7 million people that live in Santiago, our next door neighbors happened to pick up my wallet. I want to testify of the power of prayer and what a powerful tool it really is. Heavenly Father loves us so very much and looks out for us always.
We had a baptism this Sunday! His name is Erick Santander and he's super cool. He has such a strong testimony and I'm glad I was able to help him make those special sacred covenants with his loving Heavenly Father. So, it's actually the missionaries job to fill up the baptismal font and all that good stuff.  We did that and left the water running as we went to go make the programs in the secretary's office. As we are doing this, all of a sudden I hear screaming and look out to see what's going on. It surprised me to see Primary children running from their classroom which is located in front of the baptismal font and to see the High Priests Quorum rushing in with mops and vaccums. I turned to my companion and said, "Dude the Baptsimal font!" Ha-ha. So we rushed out to help with our embarrasing flood. Great job missionaries! 
Other notes: 
  • Cut my hair today
  • Gave 6 blessings this week
  • Dogs follow me home all the time 
  • I love you guys!!!! :)  

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9. 2015

So this week was great! I forgot to mention this earlier but we have a baptism this Sunday! His name is Eric Santander and he was all ready for baptism when we met him ha-ha. He was an old investigator from the missionaries before us.  I honestly feel like a cherry picker. I'm very very happy for his decision to follow the example of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We had changes today and Elder Barfuss left! Although we are all sad he will be in the same zone. So he's only a hop, skip and a jump away. We got a new Elder in our pension. His name is Elder Enciso and he's also from Utah (like every freaking missionary). His Dad is from Peru and his Mom is gringa so he speaks perfect English and Spanish. He's also a total beast at soccer which he demonstrated for us on the field today.  Elder Stone is now a Zone leader in the neighboring zone, called Vecuña Mckenna. I'm so excited for him. I love that guy so much.  Elder Chester Hansen is training! So is Elder Collins from the CCM. He's also is a district leader! I just know that they are going to do great. They all say hi by the way :).
So, I have a funny story for you. This week we had a couple investigators in church and as we were taking the santa cenna one of our investigators named Ricardo took the bread and looked at the deacon and said, " Can I get some butter with this?"  ha-ha, I had to pinch my nose to constrain the laughter inside of me ha-ha.
So about the pictures, the one with all of us, my pension mates and companion. On the very left we have Elder Barfuss and then on the other side we have Elder Keesling.  The other picture is of Elder  Dahl's best friend, Elder Gowdy!  It was great to connect all the dots. The missionary world is ridiculously small. He showed me Elder Dahl's wedding invitation and it was pretty sweet. He looks like Joseph Smith!
Well I love you and I'll talk to you next week!
Elder Parker Pile 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2, 2015

Yeah this week was fast for me too!
So, this week has been a week of me worrying my butt off when I don't see my investigators and menos activos at church. It breaks my heart when I don't see them because I just know how much happiness they are skipping out on. We are visiting a menos activo named Abraham and he speaks perfect English because he pretty much grew up in Utah, although he was born here in Chile. He has become, sorry if this sounds weird like my own kid. Maybe not that close but I love this guy and care for him so much. I want him to do the right thing and when he doesn't it breaks my heart. We are taking him for a stroll to the temple this week and I hope it helps him along with his progress back to the church.

My Spanish progresses everyday thanks to my awesome companion. He's really a great guy and likes to work to continue to spread God's kingdom. I'm very grateful for his strength and sacrifice to come out here on a mission all the way from Peru.
It's super hot here and the shade is now my best friend. One of these weeks I need to send a picture of my gnarly tan lines, ha-ha. I always tell people now when I lift up my sleeves, "Chile" as  I point to the tan half of my arm, "Alaska" pointing to the opposite half.

I expect to receive your package tomorrow and I can't wait. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me Mom. I love you and the rest of the familia SO much!
Until next week!

This is my pension mates and companion. One on the very left we have Elder Barfuss from Utah and he's a total goof ha-ha and than on the left we have Elder Keesling from Mesa, Arizona. He's a great guy and loves Skyrim too! (Actually this computer is being crazy so I'll send it next week!)