Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2, 2015

Yeah this week was fast for me too!
So, this week has been a week of me worrying my butt off when I don't see my investigators and menos activos at church. It breaks my heart when I don't see them because I just know how much happiness they are skipping out on. We are visiting a menos activo named Abraham and he speaks perfect English because he pretty much grew up in Utah, although he was born here in Chile. He has become, sorry if this sounds weird like my own kid. Maybe not that close but I love this guy and care for him so much. I want him to do the right thing and when he doesn't it breaks my heart. We are taking him for a stroll to the temple this week and I hope it helps him along with his progress back to the church.

My Spanish progresses everyday thanks to my awesome companion. He's really a great guy and likes to work to continue to spread God's kingdom. I'm very grateful for his strength and sacrifice to come out here on a mission all the way from Peru.
It's super hot here and the shade is now my best friend. One of these weeks I need to send a picture of my gnarly tan lines, ha-ha. I always tell people now when I lift up my sleeves, "Chile" as  I point to the tan half of my arm, "Alaska" pointing to the opposite half.

I expect to receive your package tomorrow and I can't wait. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me Mom. I love you and the rest of the familia SO much!
Until next week!

This is my pension mates and companion. One on the very left we have Elder Barfuss from Utah and he's a total goof ha-ha and than on the left we have Elder Keesling from Mesa, Arizona. He's a great guy and loves Skyrim too! (Actually this computer is being crazy so I'll send it next week!)

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