Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

So this week flew by really fast for me too! I had a week full of service work and playing with my best friends the puppies of Chile. We helped a man in our ward put up a foundation to his second floor and it was heavier than the Ark of the Covenant, ha-ha. It was very heavy, I'm sure Dad could tell you that. We got that up and had a "Sprite" cheers in honor for our victory. I also had to take care of my Visa in Santiago Centro which is always crammed full of people, so that was fun.  I am now in fact legal to be in this country, so that's good. When I receive my actual card I´ll send you a picture of it. I received letters from you and Taylor this past Tuesday and I loved them. Thank you so very much and tell the girls I love them! Do you know a Mark Hopkins or someone from the Hopkins family in Alaska? I realize there are many people living in Alaska but a hermano came to me yesterday wondering if I knew a man with this name and I told him I would check.  I love you guys so very much.

Elder Pile

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