Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

So we are all gearing up for General Conference because it's seriously the best thing ever. Hearing from a Prophet of God in direct time is seriously such a blessing. I'm so very grateful for that.

It's been raining quite a bit this week but usually during the night when I'm all cuddled up in my sleeping bag. I love the rain and love to listen to it patter against the window. My companion E´Capuñay shook me awake at 3 in the morning yelling, " Relámpagos! Relámpagos!" Which means lightning in English. Apparently thunder and lighting does not exsist in Peru, ha-ha. So he made me stay up with him like an hour watching the lightning. Finally I said , "Alright buddy you can watch all the lighting you want in the spirit world if we get struck tonight. But right now our mortal bodies need some sleep." So after about a minute more he went back to sleep. 

So we were having lunch with the Familia Santibañez and the husband wanted a blessing for his mouth because it was hurting a lot. So I pulled out my oil and was in the middle of the annointing when no oil came out. I said to him, "Well as you can see hermano we´ve been giving a lot of blessings this week." So we  blessed some oil right there on the spot and proceeded to give him another blessing. 

We also had service this week cutting off branches for the Relief Society President in our ward. So that was fun. We have a before and after picture of that. No joke this Hermana, Hermana Quiroga looks a lot like you mom ha-ha and some of the same personality traits. It's pretty cool. I´ll have to take a picture with her sometime. 

But yeah that is a little bit of what happened this week. Hope all is well and I love you so much! 

With love from your missionary-    

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 23, 2015

So we had changes today and I'm with my good buddy Elder Capuñay for another month and a half.  "Good Old Chester" is a District Leader now, that's exciting. My Grandpa Elder Skousen went home today. We had to take a 3 generation picture before he left for the airport. So I´ll put that in here. :) 

I had to go pick up my carnet from Santiago Central on Tuesday, that was fun. I'm finally legal in this country so I'm pretty glad about that ha-ha. 

We had a great Noche de Hogar Saturday with 3 families and it was awesome. When missionaries attened a FHM you can be sure they are the ones who have the responsabilidad to share the lesson. I put that word in spanish because I forgot how to spell it in English ha-ha. Afterwards, we had pizza and everyone wanted to know more about Alaska. I tricked everyone to think that we have polar bears as pets. It was pretty great. 
Love you! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

We had 3 baptisms this week and wow was it amazing. We baptized Nadia Galdamez, Constanza, and Nelson. It was such a special day for everyone. :) I have to say though some Spanish names are hard to pronounce especially when each one has 4 names. Thankfully nothing too embarrassing happened and it all went smoothly. It was a very nicely run baptismal service.
My companion and I have been hard at work this week and I am just dead. But hey! When you work hard you get paid well, so I´ll go until my legs pop off, ha-ha. 

We had Zone Conference this past Thursday and it was just absolutely fantastic. We talked about temples and of course we couldn't go anywhere without talking about the powers of the Atonement. I learned so much. I'm pretty sure President Wright is going to be a future Seventy. No joke, that guy is super capo. 

Today's P-day was a blast. We met all of my missionary friends over at the Mission Office and played "Magic" and had pizza. It was great to see all my buds from my old sector in Las Chubis, like Chester, E´Stone, and E´ Collins and everyone. 

Lets see... I got a haircut 45 minutes ago. While I was in the office I grabbed the letters for E´Barfuss and Stone and gave those to them. I loved the letter from Taylor too. That was awesome. I love you guys so very much! Thank you for all that you do for me. 
with love, 

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

I loved your email and it sounds like you guys just had an amazing week. The snow looks absolutely fantastic. That's crazy that she's a whole 15 years old now. She´ll be eligible to start double dating before I get home ha-ha. Anyways, my week has been good. We have had and are still having many meetings as a mission due to the fact that President Wright is leaving in June and we get a new President whose name is Marty Morgan. It's a pretty funny name ha-ha, he´s from California. At one of the meetings I did however get to see and talk with Elder Stone for a bit. That guy is just awesome. I really hope we reconnect after the mission. He's my best friend in the mission. He got extended a change so now he leaves in the middle of July. 

It was also Elder Barfuss´s birthday and I gave him a tie to celebrate. Ha-ha that guy is so goofy in everyway imaginable. We have 3 baptisms scheduled for this upcoming Sunday. I'm pretty sure I told you about that in my last email. I´ll make sure to take pictures. 

So I have a favor to ask mom. Would it be possible to send me 5 or 6 of those sushi rollers? All of our investigators want me to teach them how to make sushi. It's pretty much our secret weapon for planning noche de hogars and stuff. I've already taught 3 families how with printer paper but its SO much easier with those bamboo rollers. 

I love you guys so much and I know that our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ live and love us unconditionally. Easter time is coming up and I hope that each of you remember the sacrifice and love that Jesus had for us when completing his Atonement for the world. 

With love,    
Elder Pile

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

So, this week flew by super fast! I feel like that's every week for a missionary. To start out I have a story, I just love stories. We were walking like we do pretty often and noticed a guy that was having car troubles. We went over and asked him if we could help him,  he said, "Yeah, hop on the back and let's push this baby back to my house!" So he hopped in the drivers seat and we started our pushing of this car. What the man didn't tell us was that his house was a mile and half away ha-ha. So by the end of this trek I was pretty much broken, ha-ha. We did get a nuevo investigator as a result!
Elder Capuñay and I also had a great time at the Santiago Temple this past Saturday. We took our recent converts to do baptisms for the dead. It was so awesome to see our converts participating in something so great. Our most recent converts are Rosario Salvo and Erick Santander.
We have a few baptisms coming up, Constanza, who is 16 and her niece Paloma, who is 13. Just have to make sure they come to church!

Other aweshum stuff that happened this week:
  • we have 7 new investigators this week!
  • I found a cool way to eat ramen noodles like a burrito
  • I completed 6 months this past Friday
Love you guys tons!