Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

So, this week flew by super fast! I feel like that's every week for a missionary. To start out I have a story, I just love stories. We were walking like we do pretty often and noticed a guy that was having car troubles. We went over and asked him if we could help him,  he said, "Yeah, hop on the back and let's push this baby back to my house!" So he hopped in the drivers seat and we started our pushing of this car. What the man didn't tell us was that his house was a mile and half away ha-ha. So by the end of this trek I was pretty much broken, ha-ha. We did get a nuevo investigator as a result!
Elder Capuñay and I also had a great time at the Santiago Temple this past Saturday. We took our recent converts to do baptisms for the dead. It was so awesome to see our converts participating in something so great. Our most recent converts are Rosario Salvo and Erick Santander.
We have a few baptisms coming up, Constanza, who is 16 and her niece Paloma, who is 13. Just have to make sure they come to church!

Other aweshum stuff that happened this week:
  • we have 7 new investigators this week!
  • I found a cool way to eat ramen noodles like a burrito
  • I completed 6 months this past Friday
Love you guys tons!

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