Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 13, 2015

So we had a pretty slow going week because both my and Elder Keeslings companions were sick with high running fevers. We went on divisions the whole week working in both of our sectors. It was pretty fun but it stinks a lot that my companion is sick.

Elder Tahani had his 6 months this week so we burned ties. I didn't burn a tie for my 6 months mark, so I did it with him. Only my tie says, "two months ago." ha-ha. That's always fun. 

I also got to practice some cooking skills when I made Bazooka for a noche de hogar that we had in Elder Keeslings sector. Thanks for that Mom, I owe you. 

That's crazy that Mitch is coming down here in August. I'm definitely going to have to visit him when he is in the CCM. 

That's awesome that Taylor got her Patriarchal Blessing this past week, on Easter Sunday too! That's way cool. 

So apparently Imagine Dragons played here in Santiago yesterday. That's probably why all of our investigators weren't home last night, ha-ha but yeah that's cool. 

We did service and painted the house of our recent convert Nadia :) 

Love you guys SO much! 

with love- 

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