Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 25, 2015

So, I'm just going to go point by point over what happened this week, sounds good? Great.

1. Bible Bashers. 
So my companion and I are currently working on a less active members' list and visiting  every single house to find out what exactly happened to stop attending church. We stopped by a lady's house named Liliana Gutierez. We called at the door and she came out with a look of, "I should have looked through the door first..." We introduced ourselves and she let us in, no sweat. Then we met her husband... wow! This guy has studied the Book of Revelations all his life. He starts questioning us on everything that Pedro says during that part of the Bible. Eventually it got so ridiculous that he accidentally ripped a page out of his own Bible to show us a specific scripture. What the heck? So I had to make another appointment and got out of there quick before he started ripping pages from my Bible.
2. Always running into Trash. 
I have no idea why but I ALWAYS find myself running into trash that hangs up on people's gates. I seriously just don't look up like at all. I'm always focused on where I'm going rather than where I will end up. Wow, total revelation of a life lesson right there ha-ha. I need to watch out for those now, not too kind to the face. 

3. Magic for Investigators and Members alike.
All of our investigators and members of our ward love to see magic tricks now, ha-ha. 
4. Companion's Birthday.
My companion, Elder Capuñay had his birthday 21st and turned a whopping 23 years old. Funny story, when we were first companions in January I didn't believe that he was 22. So one day when he was in the bathroom I snuck his wallet and took a peek at his identification, ha-ha. Sure enough he was an old fart after all. 

5. Dogs chasing us. 
I love playing pranks on my companions every once in a while. I know this place where the dogs are especially ferocious. So one day I take Elder Capuñay down there and start stomping on the grown really hard and yelled, "Run!" Before we know it we are running away from a pack of  5 dogs at full sprint, ha-ha. I was laughing so hard when we were a safe distance to catch our breath. Poor Elder Capuñay. Yesterday was the first time my companion has seen a riding lawnmower. I was pretty astounded.) 

6. Flu shots. 
So this last Zone Conference we had on on Saturday, we had the opportunity to get some more flu shots. You know me when it comes to shots, I absolutly dread them. Ademas I was the first batter up and took it like a champ. I'm sure I said a short prayer before or something. Yeah that was fun. 

That's a little bit of my week. I hope all is well back home, it sounds like it. I love you guys so very much and I know this gospel and work is directly from and directed by our loving Heaveny Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. 

With love,   

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