Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015


That's awesome to hear you guys are doing so good back home. That makes me really happy. This week has been pretty crazy with lots of fans and soccer games. That is my favorite way of contacting now. I actually bought an American Cup soccer ball from a less active member in our ward, it's pretty sweet!  We as missionaries had lots of BBQs and soccer games this week, ha-ha.

We have an appointment with Lucy at 7pm tonight and I'm totally pumped to see her. I feel its been forever. She is doing great and reads everything we give her. I can feel the love that her Heavenly Father has for her every time we are in that house. It really is something special. 

Today, we went to San Cristobal and Santa Lusia, which was really fun. We went with an investigator of the other Elders named Eduardo. Every time Elder Jackson and I are walking home, he invites us in for homemade jello. He's an awesome guy. 

I've been thinking a lot about becoming a more consecrated missionary while time goes by here on the mission. Just ways in which I can become more spiritually sensitive. The fact that I can use the Atonement Of Christ for just this purpose astounds me. Really, the Atonement is the only element in which we can reach all the goals and desires of our hearts. I am so deeply grateful for the sacrifice and suffering that my Savior took on for me, for every single one of us, including all the worlds that have been created. 

Love you guys tons!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 22, 2015

This week was all about Elder Jackson and finding the best way for him to adapt to this awesome sector. He is really such a great guy and I look up to him a lot for the things that he has been able to conquer while being on the mission. Yes, we have made several connections; such as our old riding area Sycamore Creek by the base of Four Peaks. He says he used to go down there all the time. He is actually from a little town called St. Johns. That's where his Grandpa's farm is and everything, super cool. 
We have been working a lot with Ludmila (Lucy) and her family lately. I was just beaming with joy when I saw her come into the chapel this last Sunday. She is making great progress and really coming to know her personal relationship with her Father in Heaven and her Savior Jesus Christ. 

I've been studying recently the life of Jesus Christ and the many miraculous things that he did during his lifetime and ministry here on the earth. Something I found really cool is when Jesus told Peter to throw their nets on the side of the boat to catch the fish after he had been going at it all day and didn't have a single sliver of success. (Luke 5:4-5)  
4 Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let
down your nets for a draught.
5 And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.
6 And when they had this done, they inclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.
7And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them, And they came and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink.
So we know that Simon Peter was a fisherman and through this profession he was able to provide for his family. At times we may overlook that the disciples really did have their own families back home. The reason I really like this story of Jesus providing this miracle to Peter is because he was taking care of Simon Peter's family before he called him on the long journey as one of his disciples. How? With all that fish that Jesus provided for Peter he was able to leave his family for a few months with plenty of food to eat. That's really such a big testimony to me that when we as missionaries go out and away from our family and loves ones for two years, he will provide the means for them as we are by his side and doing His glorious work. I love my Savior so much and as I study more about His life I find myself developing a more personal connection with Him and His work.
I love you guys so very much and I hope you have a great week to come.
With all the love, 
Elder Parker Pile 

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Elder Capuñay and I did have changes today. Elder Capuñay went to the sector El Castillo which is the most gangster part of the mission, that's fun. I am staying here and I'm happy about that.  I have a new companion, Elder Jackson. He is super cool and I know we are going to get along. He only has 3 months left which is a bummer but that's how the mission rolls. He is from Mesa Arizona and is total country, it's so cool. For example, I asked him what he wants to study after the mission and he said he wants to study tractors in Nebraska and be a tractor mechanic. He has a family of eight and he is the only one to serve a mission. We have the same exact birthday which is crazy! He is a great guy and I can't wait to do the Lord's work together. 

I'm pretty much the champion of Risk here in the mission. The Elders challenge me every P-day. I guess I load the dice or something because I just wreck.  Before the mission talents can be useful;) 

The other Elders and I are getting shredded now. Workout time is actually taken seriously now in our pension, well it has for the past 2 months and it's starting to show. I have once again regained my six- pack and I'm growing in muscle. I can now do 40 pull ups in a row and push ups are our cool down.  
It's getting cold now at night and in the morning. I can finally see my breath. People say that I am immune to the cold since I'm from Alaska but what they don't understand is that I've been living in Chile for 10 months, ha-ha. 

Study Doctrine and Covenants Section 88, some pretty cool stuff in there. I love you guys so much and hope you have a great next week. 

With love from your pig,  

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

So, I totally forgot to make a points list during the week of all my fun adventures. I´ll try and remember as best I can.

Last Friday we had a meeting with President Wright in our Puente Alto Stake building with the zone Vicuña Mckenna. It was really sad because this is the last time we will have an official time to see President Wright. We said our goodbyes and everyone shed some tears of their own. Elder Stone especially because he's just a big cry baby. It was great to see him there too. Elder Stone only has 6 weeks left on his mission and then he goes back to good old Utah. It's sad to see him almost done but it will be fun to meet up after the mission. You could even meet up with him when he gets back, that would be fun. (Sorry no pictures because I forgot my camera back in the house.) 

I'm pretty much a "Cookie-making Master" now and I have many orders to fill every P-day. All of the members crave chocolate chip cookies, ha-ha. It's also a great way to fix relationship problems that people have had with past missionaries, so that's really useful. 

I'm getting really nervous for next Monday because it is a possibility that I will be transferred to a new sector. I've been in this sector for six months with Elder Capuñay. We will just wait it out and see. 

Well I love you tons and tons and I´ll talk to you next week!  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

So I really enjoyed sending the point by point email last time, I'm going to repeat my actions from last week.

1. First time someone has laughed at my testimony. 
So this is probably not the happiest point in the beginning of an email but I also learned a lot from this experience. We were at this old investigator's house named Raul Neira and he was probably the most stubborn old man that I have ever talked to in my life. He was so bad that we just decided to bear our testimonies and book it out of there. I went first bearing my testimony of JS and the restoration and he starts laughing at me, pointing and just laughing hysterically. It was SO frustrating. I learned that not all are prepared to hear the gospel and that we can only do our best and that's what matters to God. 

2. Teaching in my sleep 
Apparently I teach and contact in my sleep on a regular basis ha-ha. My companion told me this during the week and he says if he was a investigator he would be baptized. I do remember one time however I woke up trying to shake a person's hand. When I realized it was pitch black I started apologizing to the people of how dark it was and that they couldn't see my outstretched hand.

3. Temple. 
We took a temple trip this last Thursday as a pension and it was so great to be back in the House of the Lord. I have learned so much through going to the temple and I hold those things very sacredly. 

4. Cookie Disaster
I decided I would bake chocolate chip cookies for the Elders with my new pack of brown sugar last Tuesday. I don't know what happened exactly because they just fell into complete apostasy. They caramelized and hardened right away. I think I need to put less sugar next time,  ha-ha but yeah. 

5. Companion is hooked on hot chocolate. 
My companion, Elder Capuñay before this week had no idea what hot chocolate was. For Elder Pile of course that is unacceptable. We went to the store and got hot chocolate and marshmallows and at the end of the night stayed in the pension until bed time drinking hot chocolate. Elder Capuñay just loves it now and tells me if hot chocolate was a girl he would marry her. 

6. Broke the bunk bed. 
Let me just say something before I tell you about what happened. What happens in the house, stays in the house, ha-ha. So really the picture explains it a lot better than I could so... yeah. 

7. Investigators.
We have 5 new investigators this week which is just great because it is really hard to find people interested here in Santiago. One of them is a mom named Ludmila Madrid, she has 3 kids. Two girls of 26 and 20 and a son who is 12. It started out as a reference that we recieved and went to on Tuesday night. We knocked and she answered the door and said that she had been waiting for us. She then told us that she needed help building her bedroom.  So, we got right to it; putting down floor board and painting until 10 at night. Probably the most extensive service project that I've done on the mission. It was worth it because she is now coming to church. So, if you could pray for her that would mean so much. :) 

I love you guys so much and I´ll talk to you next week!