Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

So I really enjoyed sending the point by point email last time, I'm going to repeat my actions from last week.

1. First time someone has laughed at my testimony. 
So this is probably not the happiest point in the beginning of an email but I also learned a lot from this experience. We were at this old investigator's house named Raul Neira and he was probably the most stubborn old man that I have ever talked to in my life. He was so bad that we just decided to bear our testimonies and book it out of there. I went first bearing my testimony of JS and the restoration and he starts laughing at me, pointing and just laughing hysterically. It was SO frustrating. I learned that not all are prepared to hear the gospel and that we can only do our best and that's what matters to God. 

2. Teaching in my sleep 
Apparently I teach and contact in my sleep on a regular basis ha-ha. My companion told me this during the week and he says if he was a investigator he would be baptized. I do remember one time however I woke up trying to shake a person's hand. When I realized it was pitch black I started apologizing to the people of how dark it was and that they couldn't see my outstretched hand.

3. Temple. 
We took a temple trip this last Thursday as a pension and it was so great to be back in the House of the Lord. I have learned so much through going to the temple and I hold those things very sacredly. 

4. Cookie Disaster
I decided I would bake chocolate chip cookies for the Elders with my new pack of brown sugar last Tuesday. I don't know what happened exactly because they just fell into complete apostasy. They caramelized and hardened right away. I think I need to put less sugar next time,  ha-ha but yeah. 

5. Companion is hooked on hot chocolate. 
My companion, Elder Capuñay before this week had no idea what hot chocolate was. For Elder Pile of course that is unacceptable. We went to the store and got hot chocolate and marshmallows and at the end of the night stayed in the pension until bed time drinking hot chocolate. Elder Capuñay just loves it now and tells me if hot chocolate was a girl he would marry her. 

6. Broke the bunk bed. 
Let me just say something before I tell you about what happened. What happens in the house, stays in the house, ha-ha. So really the picture explains it a lot better than I could so... yeah. 

7. Investigators.
We have 5 new investigators this week which is just great because it is really hard to find people interested here in Santiago. One of them is a mom named Ludmila Madrid, she has 3 kids. Two girls of 26 and 20 and a son who is 12. It started out as a reference that we recieved and went to on Tuesday night. We knocked and she answered the door and said that she had been waiting for us. She then told us that she needed help building her bedroom.  So, we got right to it; putting down floor board and painting until 10 at night. Probably the most extensive service project that I've done on the mission. It was worth it because she is now coming to church. So, if you could pray for her that would mean so much. :) 

I love you guys so much and I´ll talk to you next week! 

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