Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015

Seriously, thought I was being changed this week but apparently I'm just a pro in this sector. That or President doesn't trust me going to another one, ha-ha. After this change, I will have served 9 months in this ward. I am so attached to all the people here now. I've been here so long that everyone I walk by on the street looks a little familiar ha-ha. I love everyone in this sector, though it will be hard to leave when the time does come. 
I gave a talk in church last Sunday and I was super nervous. I dislike giving talks in front of large groups of people. I get stage fright really easily. If I have to talk in front of more than 10 people I get nervous. It's an attribute that I need to start working on. 
I'm excited to be killing "staying with until he goes home" my companion, Elder Jackson. I'm going to try and learn all I can from him, wring out all his knowledge if you will. 

Love you! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

Well it's been pretty cold this week and I feel like such a wimp because I'm the one getting cold faster even though I'm from Alaska, sheesh! People tell me I should have bear skin or something but that has never really made much sense to me ha-ha. I went on divisions up in the mountains last Tuesday to a place called San Jose de Maipo. Pretty sweet place for sure, really cold but pretty. My calves probably grew 2 inches from spending a day up there. We walked literally up the mountains to get to these Elders' investigators ha-ha. 
We also had interviews with our President this last Wednesday and it was great to get to know him and his wife on a more personal level. He is so different from President Wright. He's really loving. You can just feel the love he has for you in the way that he speaks, acts, and listens. I aspire to follow his example and give off the same radiance that he does. 
We have some changes actually as a mission, to some of the rules anyways. First we now have our P-days on Tuesday instead of Monday. We can  go to the temple every 3 months and changes or transfers will be on Wednesdays, pretty big ha-ha. It´ll be a little weird for me the first couple weeks but I'm sure I´ll get used to it in no time. 
I've been focusing my studies on the powers of the Atonement lately and there is just SO much to learn. Specifically this week I studied about the strengthening power. In my own words this power of the Atonement is, "growing in patience and increasing the amount of acceptance to the will or mysteries of God through afflictions and trials." In 1Nephi 1:1, Nephi explains through the afflictions that he has gone through, he now better understands the "mysteries" of God or in other words, "the will of God" as we see being shown in Mosiah 24:15 the people begin to have a greater amount of "patience" and submit cheerfully to the will/mysteries of the Father. As we pass through afflictions and trials of our own, we as Nephi will have a greater understanding of the mysteries of God and therefore increase the amount of patience that we have to submit cheerfully to the will of our loving Heavenly Father. Really no one can deliver us from our afflictions but God the Father. (Mosiah 24:21) 

Love you!  

July 13, 2015

Well we had tons of rain these last two days. Like TONS. I was so soaked. I  had the opportunity to develop an extremely close relationship with my umbrella. Man he's such a champ. Anyways, yeah that's defiantly a blessing from God. I was seriously smoking like 2 packs of smog a day before that rain fell. 

We have interviews with President Morgan this Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to that. So I'm going on divisions with my district leader Elder Wilkes this Tuesday and he lives so far away. I'm really excited because his sector is up in the mountains that border Argentina. I'm really hoping there's snow up there. I haven't seen snow in a long time. 

We went to this place in Centro because they sell gringo stuff. We treated ourselves to a nice refreshing can of Mt. Dew. It was seriously liquid gold running down my parched throat. Super good. 

Also we went to this awesome museum today called "The Mim." Super cool place. It's one of those interactive places that relates to science. 

So I've been working on developing a Christ like attribute for this past 2 weeks. I chose the Christ attribute of DILIGENCE. I have been trying to get in the natural habit of being exactly obedient. Such as... getting up on time, keeping lunch appointments to an hour, etc. It really has been going well and I find myself not straining as much as to remember to do those things, rather they are just something that is part of me. I am thankful for the perfect example of my Savior and for the opportunity that I have to follow it.
I love you guys so much and I hope you have a wonderful time with the magnificent Katie Robinson!

with love- 

July 6, 2015

We got rain around 4 o'clock yesterday after church and it was such a miracle. Thank you all who joined in this effort to fast for Chile and poor air quality. I have a testimony of fasting. It does really bring miracles through submitting to the will of our loving Heavenly Father. The fact that we can leave the ways of the world and trust in the powers which are in the heavens, it really is something.

So apparently I've been talking in my sleep in Spanish for the past couple nights keeping my companion, Elder Jackson up ha-ha. I've just have taught so many lessons I'm starting to do it in my sleep now too. 

We only had 65 people in church this last Sunday which was really disappointing. On the flip side though we had 6 investigators come with us and that was great. 

Today we went to a 50´s diner place to each lunch called Johnny Rockets, super good. It did however make me a bit trunky ha-ha. I love to eat at places like that. 

We had a meeting with our new Mission President, President Morgan on Saturday. He is awesome. Apparently he's a professional actor/singer. He and his daughter sang for us, which was amazing. He is super funny and I am excited to be serving by his side for the next year. 

I love you guys tons and I´ll talk to you next week!