Friday, August 14, 2015

August 12, 2015

This week has been super good and we are expecting a baptism soon of our good friend, Fabian. He has come a long way and I love him so much. It's weird in this mission we don't baptize a lot but one thing we do is build strong relationships with those we teach. I've been in this sector for almost 9 months and I can say that is what I have with people here in Puente Alto, a strong connection.  Fabian is planning on being baptized the 22nd of this month. Please pray for him that would mean a lot, specifically that he won't smoke or drink tea. That he will feel the spirit of God through this process.

We had Zone Conference yesterday and it went really well, I learned so much. We talked about the temple and about the sealing ordinance. Really trunky conference for sure but a lot of knowledge attained. :) President Morgan is super awesome and I am getting the opportunity to get to know him on a more personal level. 

We had a fun time hiking in the mountains this pday. I was hoping to see some snow but unfortunately we didn't reach that elevation. 

As time goes forward and I think about hitting my year mark, I take time to look back on the progress and development that my testimony has made and it's a little emotional, honestly. The fact that the mercies of God are so great and all we need to have is the desire to gain it. I love my Heavenly Father and Mother and I know without doubt in my heart that they are waiting for the time that will soon come, when we can return to their presence. I love them and my Savior. I love you guys and look forward to the day when we reunite together in the presence of God. 

With love-   

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