Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 22, 2015

Our house is a pile of bricks.......

Ha-ha, not really but it was actually a little scary and fun at the same time, the earthquake that is.  Everything is okay with missionaries in all of Chile. Truly a blessing from God. I took out a bit of money today to add a little to my emergency backpack just in case. They say there is going to be a big one the first week of October. It's better to be over prepared then not to be at all! 

Every member this last Sunday came up to me and started telling me how sweet my mom was and how cool she was for knowing Spanish, ha-ha it was pretty funny. They really got a kick out of knowing my "secret identity" too. 
We found many knew investigators this last week and I was really happy about that. One day we found a homeless guy. Well... a clean homeless guy that has money and works in the plaza that we have in our sector. It's called The Plaza of Puente Alto. We saw him sitting on a bench listening to music, so we sat next to him and started talking about his life. (Something that I've recently noticed in myself is that I really love and take joy out of getting to know other people.) He told us he was in a rough situation, that he was without a house and not making enough money to buy one. Then he started to cry... he told us in a soft whisper between his tears, "I want to know God." I couldn't help but smile SO BIG. It was just a real special moment for me some reason. Later that night, I asked myself if I knew God. Every time I ask myself that question I get filled with the spirit to the point where my bones ache. 

I tried to fly a kite today but I stink. A big factor of that though was probably because there was no wind. :) 

I love you guys so much and I´ll talk to you next week! 

with love, 

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