Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 7, 2015

So, I am staying in my sector but do not know who my new companion is yet. I´ll find out tomorrow at changes. Right now I'm in a trio with E´Tehani and his son E´Silisque. It's really funny and interesting working in a trio ha-ha. Being the oldest comp I took them to my sector to visit some people and it was funny contacting because anyone would be scared if they had 3 missionaries surround them and start talking about a restored church. Mas que nada it was a fun experience.

Elder Jackson is probably already with his family in AZ. He said it was an 13 hour flight. I'm going to miss him but there is always time to see him when I get back. I learned a lot through him whether it was good or bad times. It helped me as a missionary and my progression, for that I give my Heavenly Father thanks.  

That's crazy that McKay is already off to college. It's weird how fast time goes. I can only imagine how it is for you and Dad. 

Oh yeah, one last thing. I was looking through the Bible Dictionary the other day and I found a word that brought back so many childhood memories. That word was asp, ha-ha "Grandpa do you want an asp bite?" 

I haven't received your package yet but that's because we haven't had the pouch come this week. I am going to the office tonight to meet with President Morgan and the other district leaders, so it might be there. We´ll cross our fingers! 

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