Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 27, 2015

This week was a time of great humbling and the sight of many miracles. Yesterday, we had a Zone Class about what miracles are and how we can have the spiritual eyes necessary to see these miracles. Honestly, before I was thinking that miracles were big things, like healing the sick, or pounding the investigator with a dream... something along those lines.  I now understand that every single thing that happens in our lives that is a manifestation of God's power... that is a miracle. So, I have been trying to put my spiritual glasses on and count how many miracles are made manifested unto Elder Reynolds and I in the work. After just one day of working we were up to 23. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's hand in the work. It really is so gratifying  to see. Miracles are real and that bares testimony  that there is a living and loving Heavenly Father and Son that have all power and all knowledge.

Halloween is coming up but not very many people celebrate it. Well... Chile has such a big influence from the states that they do a little bit of tricker-treating for the kids. For those adults that say, "Oh, it's just for my kids."  We all can see through the chocolate craving eyes that they all have. :) 

Well! I love the work. I love the Lord. I love my Savior and I love you guys. Always in my prayers and my most sincere thoughts. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 20, 2015

Today we found out about changes and it was really weird. Usually, what happens is the Zone Leaders call to tell you if you have changes or not, but this time I received a call directly from President Morgan. He told me that he has been praying a lot about whether I should stay here in this sector for another change, since I've been here 10 months. He said he felt like I should stay another change to show forth some of the same fruits that Elder Reynolds and I have been bringing to the Lord's house. I want to make these next six weeks that I have my most fruitful. If the Lord wants me here for another change because of the work we are doing, then I'm going to do my best in what he has planned for us.

Sadly, Elder Tehani is being changed. Honestly I think Elder Tehani is my best friend in the mission right now apart from Elder Stone. He actually reminds me so much of Stanley. I think that's why we have connected so fast. Elder Tehani is a great missionary and he is going to do amazing things in the sector he will be assigned to. I'm really proud of him. 

I got a haircut today that I really like. It however is pretty Latino but it makes me feel like I actually know how to play soccer or something ha-ha. I didn't dye my hair... I know a few people were worried that I was actually going to do it. It however does say in the mission manual that we can't dye or tint our hair, so I used that in my defense. 

We went to the temple on Saturday with Dayana who has a baptism date for the 14th of November. It was super cool to see and feel the spirit there as we taught. The temple is so powerful and I know it is somewhere we can go to receive personal revelation. 

Love you guys tons!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

This week has been so gratifying and I never want to forget it. 

Elder Reynolds and I decided that this week we would work our tails off and wouldn't stop until we met our goals and surpassed them. I really like being in a companionship with Elder Reynolds because we know how to make each other work hard. It feels so good. One of the best feelings is resting your head on your pillow at the end of the day, knowing that you put all your effort into making the Savior pleased that day. 
We have found many new people to teach and a few that are really divinely prepared. :) I love you guys so much and I hope you have an awesome week full of spiritual experiences to come. :) 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 6, 2015

This week has been really good revelation for me and for the investigators. I loved General Conference :) It was awesome. I finally could understand all of it watching in Spanish ha-ha. One of my favorite talks was by Elder Eyring talking about the power of the Holy Ghost.
We had to drop one of our investigators this week and it's probably what I dislike the most in the mission. I actually started crying when telling one of our investigators Mauricio that we were going to stop coming by and why. It is difficult to say that to your friends. However, I know that Heavenly Father will look out for them and knows what's best for their personal progression. 
We went to go eat sushi at a restaurant with our good buddy Pablo and his wife Miro. It was super good and we had a fun time. 
Something that I find myself growing to love is contacting families. Before it was super scary for me because who wants to talk to a big group of people you don't even know? Now, however it's something I look forward to everyday. Just the opportunity and privilege that we have to tell them how much potential that is waiting for them as an eternal family. 

I love my Father and Mother in Heaven. I love my Savior. I want to do everything I can with the time I have left to make them proud. 

 I love you guys so much and I hope you take advantage of the snow and make a snowman or something ;) 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 29, 2015

This week has been really productive and was an opportunity to see miracles on every corner. :)

We, being Elder Reynolds and I worked our tails off this past week but it felt SO good. By the end of that week I was so satisfied. We now have 3 new baptismal dates! I was however with a fever yesterday which was kind of lame but we missionaries have pretty good immune systems. ;) Even though we drink a lot of coke ha-ha. 

On Friday we went to a Ward activity and had a lot of fun eating steak and playing Chilean games. Many of our investigators and less actives came which made me so happy. I love seeing the members talk to our investigators. That is seriously a secret to a person's conversion and attendance, friends!

I lost to a bet with Elder Reynolds and now I have to dye my hair a light brown along with my eyelashes. I hate losing bets. It probably means I shouldn't bet in the first place but I'm a sucker when people offer them ha-ha. I made sure to check in the mission manual before to see if I could get out of it, but unfortunately there aren't any rules about dying your hair. :( It just says not in extreme colors. 

I love you guys so much and I hope you have an awesome week full of testimony building experiences. :)