Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 17, 2015

Man, I feel like you guys know everything before I even tell you now ha-ha. Yes, the baptism was fantastic and everything went smoothly. Dayana's a great girl and she is going to progress awesomely in the church.

We did a lot of service this week and to be honest my body is very tired right now, ha-ha. We were doing service for a guy in are ward named Cesar Salines. He's actually the same guy that let me Skype for Mother's Day. Super funny guy and I love his laugh. We mixed and poured concrete for him for a front and back patio. Wet cement is so freaking heavy. Especially when you only have a shovel to mix it all, but yeah. I love service. It means I can help the people and get a little ripper at the same time, win-win. ;) 
Yesterday we had lunch with new investigators and they are super cool. Their names are Angela and Marcelo with there two little kids. He has these tremendous speakers in the house that no joke move your rib cage. It literally vibrates your chest it's so powerful. We were listening to all of his favorite songs while we waited for lunch to be done. There's actually a song you should look up that I like whenever we hear it in the streets, it's called "Ginza" by J. Balvin. I really like Latina music now and want to listen to it after the mission, hymns of course also, ha-ha.  Oh, also my companion ate his first rooster testacle on Sunday. ha-ha 
Oh, I also got a package from Katie, so that was awesome. Thanks Katie. 
I love you guys so much and I know Heavenly Father is looking after every single one of us. Make sure you say you prayers! :) 

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