Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July 26, 2016

Well, the finish line is now in sight and it's coming up fast. These two years have gone by like a blur and I am shaken up a bit to be honest to see that this really is it. No more mission. I am really happy however to return home and get started on my future and another important phase of my life. I am super excited to see you guys and finally be in your presence and awesome company. You have supported me so much and its not possible for me to thank you in the way that you deserve.

I have learned many things on the mission which I have served here in Chile. Obviously, I will get the opportunity to share most of these things with you guys when I return home. 

We will be baptizing this Saturday. :) His name is Diego Nuñez and he is awesome. I will make sure to take pictures of my last baptism here in the great land of Chile. 

I love you guys so much and I look forward to seeing you guys next Tuesday. :) 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 19, 2016

This week went by super fast which really shouldn't surprise me because they always do. We had a miracle this week! One of our investigators, Diego Nuñez will be baptized the 30th of this month. The last time I will have the opportunity to be in that mission water. It's super awesome that he has made the decision to do it. God is always a God of miracles and grants His children according to their desires.

We had a zone activity today in our chapel which everyone liked. We had a desert potluck and played a bunch of fun games. It was great to see the growth in uniting and confidence between the missionaries of the zone. They are great and I love them. 

Yesterday we had our zone training and members of my group including myself gave our last testimonies in front of the zone. 

I am really excited to come home and I know even though it`ll be hard to leave the mission I need to start another important phase of life. :) I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see you so very soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 12, 2016

The week flew by and I don't even know where I am anymore, ha-ha. This week I have been focusing all of my efforts on becoming more spiritually sensitive and actually learing intently on what it is that my Heavenly Father wants me to do. It is so important that we have a purpose in everything that we do. That was something that has been added to my testimony this past week.
We took some of our investigators to the Santiago Temple last Saturday and it was an awesome experience for me and my companion and our investigators. They will be baptized the week after I return home. I know they will be in the Lord's hands.
We went on exchanges with Elders in our zone. Elder Otto from Utah and Elder Ureta de Chile. They are super great missionaries and I enjoy having them in our zone. Elder Ureta is one of our District Leaders and contributes a lot to our councils.
I love you guys so much and I'll talk to you in another fast week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5, 2016

What a great week it has been! I love the mission and its going to be really sad to say goodbye to her when the days being Elder Pile finally come to a halt.  Of course, I will return to the position of Elder if that is what the Lord plans for me in the future to bless His amazing children. I love blessing them through the things that I do now and will continue to act in all diligence until the time comes.

Elder Andrew and I received a surprise call from Elder Inglish (Mission Secretary) this morning, informing us that we needed to travel to a Hospital 40 minutes away in bus to give a blessing for the sick baby in this hospital. I personally love going on special assignments for the mission. So we went over and I was praying the whole time for the spirit so that we could know what to say. We were received by the wife after asking a bunch of nurses where they were located. In this small medical room was the mom and her baby daughter. The baby girl, so pure and good, looked up at us with a oxygen hook-up hanging from her nose. I couldn't help but feel so much love for the baby and her mom that I started to cry a little. I was a little embarrassed and continued to explain why we were there. As we put our hands softly over the  baby girl's head and pronounced the blessing, the words came to my head through a tremendous feeling of the Holy Ghost's influence,"She is my precious daughter. I love her." I don't think I have ever felt so much love for a child of God through the influence of the Holy Ghost than in that moment. I testify that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us in that way. It is infinite and eternal and can never be lost or taken away. 

For some odd reason throughout my whole mission, everyone mentions that I look a lot like Prince Harry. I have no idea who he is but I imagine he's pretty good looking. ;) 

We do not have any baptisms coming up soon. The closest will be on the 30th of July. Her name is Purísima. If you can please pray for her. :) 

I love you guys so much and I know that we are in the Truth. The path is straight and narrow but we know what to do and we have many helping hands. The call is to be true, to follow Christ, and to lend a hand. Let us all do our part to build up the kingdom of our Father. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

June 28, 2016

This week the Holy Ghost has taught me many things that are important to both my work I have yet to complete here in Chile, and also for my eternal progression. One of these things that I learned I would like to share with you, which is the importance of using spiritual gifts for both our progression and that of those around us. Discovering and continuing to develop these gifts is essential for our spiritual survival in this darkening world. President asked me a very inspired question a couple of days ago asking, "Elder Pile, who do you think is most excited for your return home?" Being the humorous guy that I am I responded with a smile, "I suppose most of the single women of my stake." He laughed at that and continued, "The person most excited for your return home is the adversary himself. Satan." This exchange with President helped me realize that in these 5 weeks that I have left is the only time that I have left to arm myself with the powers of heaven necessary to defend against the cunning tricks he has in store and to continue doing so when home. I love my God and I thank Him for protecting me as a direct blessing from the obedience that I show him in keeping his commandments and serving His dear children.

In the zone we received many new missionaries and I was so happy to get to know them yesterday in our zone training. I love every single one of them and I pray that the Lord will give me the light I need to show forth a good example to them. Interestingly, one of the Elders that came in, Elder Otto, is a huge fan of the video game Borderlands. It was a great opportunity to connect fast with him. 

I love you guys so much and I know that the Lord blesses me because of your devout service to Him in His Kingdom. :) 

June 21, 2016

I honestly have a hard time writing because I know I´ll see you soon, ha-ha. I picked up my suit today and it is awesome! Thanks so much. That would be awesome to get Chilean jerseys maybe even for the 4 of you, that's a good idea. We have seen so many miracles this week and it has been amazing! We found a  guy named Chris from Massachusetts and he speaks English. He is awesome and he is 24. We have his baptism planned for the 9 of July.

I'm sorry, I have so little time right now but I love you!  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016

This week was very eventful and fruitful. The Lord blesses us so much.
Elder Andrew and I went down South so that I could attend the baptism of Celestina Meza. It was a special experience. When we started to enter into the water she started acting very scared and started breathing very heavily. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had a phobia of water and that she never had been swimming in her life. What! Thanks for telling us before Celestina. I told her that I would have her in my arms and wouldn't let her go. After about 3 minutes of calming her down she was ready and I baptized her super fast. Everything went great and she is now a member of the Lord's wonderful church. Soledad Gatica, Jonathan's mom, also got baptized this past Saturday and I imagine it was awesome.
We also went up to the very north side of our area and I kid you not I contacted Iron Man's house up there, the houses are huge. We saw Lotus cars in people's driveways like it was normal, ha-ha.
The missionaries here in Las Condes are slowly shedding the mentality of Las Condes being a place where you don't baptize a lot and I am really proud of the progress they are making. :)
I love my Lord and I am grateful for the blessings that He gives to everyone freely. We went to the temple this morning and I did the initiatory of the garment and I learned so much and many things that I forgot about the first time I did it.
I love you guys so much. And look I have pictures this time! 

Friday, June 10, 2016

June 7, 2016

This week has been good getting the Zone united in focusing more in the vision. We had a Zone activity today and we played spoons and Monopoly with some other fun board games. Then we got a lot of pizza. It was a great opportunity for everyone to mix and get to know one another.

I will be heading down south this Friday to baptize a couple people I was teaching with Elder Steggell. It`ll be awesome to see them and the progress that they have been having using the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. 

Time is passing by very fast and President just talked to me about preparing myself now for when I go home. I'm not sure exactly how to do that but I`ll do my best. 

I love you guys and I am super sorry that I haven't been taking pictures recently. 

May 31, 2016

This week has been a very big time for receiving revelation for the missionaries here in the zone. Many people and myself included during the past couple weeks, have been excusing the amount of failure that we see here and not baptizing as much as in past zones, saying, "The people are different." "The work done here is done in a different way." I am sick of excusing our failure on something that we can control. Be a creator of circumstances instead of being the creature of them. We are here in the mission to baptize the greatest amount of people possible. A sharp missionary knows this purpose and understands how to achieve and develop this vision that God has bestowed upon them according to their faith and righteous desires. I am here in Las Condes leading these missionaries because both God and President Morgan know I have developed this vision over time and experience. Now it is my duty to serve my fellow missionaries and help them develop this same mentality. Elder Andrew and I are going to turn this place around and Las Condes will be know as the Stake that baptizes on a very regular basis.
I know that my Savior is infinite and loving. To build your foundation on his rock means to have a complete joy and the divine opportunity to develop the attributes that He so lovingly wants us to develop. The Temple is Gods House and it is a holy and sanctified place.
I love you guys so much.

May 24, 2016

We had a baptism this last Saturday and it went great! Javier will now be sealed to his wife in a year. That day was a little stressful though because we couldn't find keys to open up the baptismal font. The Bishop was out of town camping as well as one of his counselors ha-ha. In the end though we achieved keys through the Bishop of the neighboring ward. After that obstacle everything else went smoothly.

This week we have been doing many meetings with other missionaries trying to get all the information we need for our meeting with President Morgan and our Stake President. We have not had much time to work in our own area but from the time that we did have we found some awesome people. We went to this park to talk to a group of dog lovers and for me talking to people like that is a piece of cake. We´ll be going by five of those people on a later day. 

I love you guys! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 17, 2016

It is so true, time is flying by at an unbelievable speed. Elder Andrew and I are doing well here in Las Condes getting the zone pumped to get some baptisms going. As I said before there are many Sister missionaries here in the zone. I'm pretty sure President sent me up here to have a little practice talking to girls before I get home. If I did not have this practice I'm pretty confident that I would be 100% incapable of having an intelligent conversation with a girl, ha-ha. We have a Sister from Mesa Arizona named Sister Lively. I need to remind myself to ask her if she knows any part of the Pile family. Whenever I think of Mesa oddly, I begin to think about Bahama Buck's.

We will be  having a baptism this Saturday for our good friend Javier. The Elders here have been teaching him for awhile and he will now be baptized. :) 

It's super weird to me that all of my young high school friends will be  graduating soon. Make sure to send some pictures! 

I love you guys so much. Your words are always so encouraging and help me in the Lord's work every week. 

May 10, 2016

It was so great to see all of you last Sunday. You all look great. I'm sorry about the internet connection but at least we got to see each others faces :)

I have been changed and I am here in the way up north in Las Condes.I am companions with Elder Andrew from my group, ha-ha. We go home the same day and he is going to BYUI this upcoming semester. It is super rich area but I like it because it's very clean and everyone is very polite. The flip side though is that everyone thinks they have everything, thus it is a little harder for them to see why they would need something in their lives such as the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also live with our good friend Elder Chester Hanson once again, ha-ha, it's pretty fun. Elder Andrew and I have many missionaries under our charge and many of them are Hermanas. It's a good thing one of my gifts is patience haha ;) 

Elder Steggell and I had a baptism this last Saturday and it was awesome. Elder Reese actually came down so that was cool. Alex the boy that got baptized is the little brother of Jonathan. 

I love you guys so much :) 

May 3, 2016

Thanks for that awesome email! It was great. I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing well.

This week has been really good. Well, I mean every week is great but I suppose I just see it that way always. We will have a baptism of Alex this upcoming Saturday and it's going to be awesome. He's a great kid and his soul is just very innocent and pure. Alex is in fact the little brother of Jonathan. This last Friday we received permission from his parents. It was a cool experience because from what we understand his dad is a very grumpy man and does not treat the family with very much kindness as a  result of have an addiction  to alcohol. So we get there and sit down with he and his wife, Soledad. His wife, Soledad, is awesome and loves us. The dad was a little drunk so we started talking to him with the wife and got him to sign the baptism record. It really reminded me of that story in the Book of Mormon when the Lamanites get drunk and fall asleep enabling the imprisoned Nephites to make a silent escape to freedom. The Lord works miracles even though they may be in mysterious ways. :)

I got the package that you sent me and I loved it! I'm actually wearing my awesome brown pants in this very moment. Thank you so much mom! Tell Taylor thanks for all the great drawings that she put in those letters. You can tell she took a lot of time working  on those. They are awesome!

I know and testify of the divinity of our Father and our Savior. I know that they live and are active beings helping and influencing our lives. I love them and the selflessness that they show in their effort to help all of their creations return home where we were in the beginning. As Elder Holland says, "The greatest attribute of love is loyalty." I will be loyal to them in an effort to show my love to them as the have ever done so to me.

I love you guys and I cant wait to see you this Sunday!   

Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 26, 2016

My week has been really good. My dear friend, Constanza unfortunately had many family problems before her baptism and did not get baptized this last Saturday. We are going to let her figure things out and we´ll be here when she feels ready to take this important step.

Elder Steggell's birthday was last Saturday and I sent the other Elders living with us to go buy some milkshake supplies and then later that night I made milkshakes for everyone. We were all pretty groggy in the morning. I love milkshakes! It has to be my favorite if not one of my favorites for dessert.

April 19, 2016

This week has been nuts and full of super crucial spiritual moments. Well, to start off we had another baptism and it went great. It rained so much that day so we had to protect her on the way to the church with our umbrellas. Her name is Melissa and she is a great young woman that is now the leading example of her family. We had her baptism on Saturday. This Saturday we will have another baptism of another super awesome friend named Constanza. She's a great girl and it has taken many trials on her part to have this baptism. I want to tell you guys a miracle that happened yesterday. So, she was not going to be baptized because she works Sundays in the farmers market. It was the only job she had that was suitable for her becasue she is studying right now. We went to her house yesterday to talk about this with her. At the end of the lesson we decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help her. Five minutes after the prayer her phone satrts ringing and it's her boss. She talks with him and hangs up and then starts to cry. I was so confused. She told us that she just got fired from her job because of many financial issues with the company. We sked her how she felt and she said super good becasue I can get baptized this weekend and bad because she just got fired, ha-ha. God answered our prayer. Maybe it wasn't the way we expected at all but He answered it.
We took Constanza out to lunch today to congratulate her for taking that giant leap of faith. She's a great girl and she is going to go far. Good job Heavenly Father. :)
I went to the temple today with President Morgan and it was great. :) My Mission President is a very wise man in the gospel doctorine.
Make sure you guys pray. He will always be waiting for that late night phone call.
Love you!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 12, 2016

We had a great baptism this week and her name is Fernanda Miranda. She is a super sweet girl and I know she will stay active in the church her whole life. She has the goal to serve a misión and to baptize the rest of her family. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures with me because the Mom told me she would send them. I don't have them yet though ha-ha, next week.

A member in our Ward sold me a super nice voice recorder. I have started doing voice diaries which is pretty fun.  I´ll start sending you guys little voice clips too. To be honest I have forgotten what your voices sound like D:

It's getting cold and rainy here in Santiago. I had to break out the jackets and warm wool socks. I love wearing jackets though, especially sweaters.

I personally am doing great. I love the work and what I'm doing. Saving souls is a huge responsibility and if we don't do a good job... well it won't be a happy time, we´ll just put it like that. I know however that I'm doing my best and that's all that He wants. Kind of like what Dad used to say to me, ha-ha. I love Him so much and if I truly do love Him, I will do all that is in my power to feed His sheep.

I love you family :))

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 5, 2016

I don't have a lot of time right now because I have an emergency call in another sector but I promise to fill you in on everything else.
1. General Conference was of course always the best ever. I fell in love with Elder Holland's talk. SO GOOD. He is a very powerful speaker. It was also a huge blessing to hear from our beloved Prophet, President Monson. I truly sustain that man and all the other leaders of the church. They truly do have keys to lead and guide us in these latter days.

2. It rained today and we had a little lighting so that means the weather is finally cooling off a little bit.

3. I wanted to ask you and Dad about getting a new suit. There is a man in a neighboring sector that does customized suits for only $120. I am asking because I in fact have outgrown my suit which I currently occupy.

4. Elder Steggell and I have the visión to baptize weekly in this sector and we know that the Lord will help us if it be His will and of course if we work like we expect to have twenty baptisms this month of April. It's game time.

I love you guys so much  and if there is anything I can pray for to add my faith don't hesitate in asking :)

Elder Parker Pile 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 29, 2016

This week has been really good with many miracles provided by the one and only. We had changes yesterday and Eldew Steggell and I are still together, thank goodness. We are going to have some baptisms this change, that's for sure. Hugo Meza is a beast and he stopped smoking a couple days ago. He has comes to the church more then four times now, so he is good to go.  He's a great guy and wants to do what will bless his family most.

Ha-ha, I got bit by a dog. I don't really trust them now. He was a tiny little Chinese dog and I went in to give him a friendly pet and he bit me super hard on my knuckles. I bleed for quite awhile but I made sure to clean it out good. Oh, Chilean dogs...

I love you guys :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016

Hey! This week has been great and we are preparing many great people for baptism. We had 2 baptism interviews this past Saturday but they are not completely ready. But, si o si the 9th of April they will have those promised blessing for entering into covenant with our Heavenly Father. :)
I love the Atonement and studying about it. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and what He did and still does for me everyday. I know that He lives and I can feel it. He wants us to be as He is and that is completely perfect. One of my favorite talks is by Elder Holland, "The First and Great Commandment", SO GOOD!
I don't have any pictures to send you because my memory card got wiped. :/  I know I am treasuring up greater things as I am here, for that I am grateful.
I love you guys so much and I hope that you guys strive to read the Book of Mormon daily.
With love,  

Friday, March 18, 2016

March 15, 2016

This week has been really good and very busy. Preparing many of our dear friends to enter into our Savior's church.

Something cool that happened this week was when I was on interchanges with Elder Rodríguez. We were walking and started to talk to a lady that was waiting for the bus. As we began talking and trying to get to know her better, she looks at me and says, "Elder Pile, I know you. Thank you so much for giving me that Book of Mormon when you did. I really needed it." She further explained that when I was in Cajón de Maipo on exchanges 6 months ago, we met her when she was visiting a friend up there for the day. We began to talk and she was interested in having the missionaries in her own home. So we sent in a reference and gave her a Book of Mormon and promised her that if she read it she would be changed forever. Apparently, she did just that and was baptized this past January. It's amazing to me the fruits that one can see from doing small acts of sharing the góspel such as that momento half a year ago. I am so grateful for the tender mercies that the Lord had on me that day so I could see the fruits of what I do everyday. I love Him so much for that. What I feel right now is what the promise of the Lord declares in D & C 18:16. PURE JOY.

I love you guys so much :)

March 8, 2016

This week has been a little wierd because we have been traveling to different wards all the time. I love the work I do with Elder Steggell and The Lord. We make a good team. We have encountered many families this week and The Lord has blessed us with them being prepared. Currently, He has given us 3 complete families to work with and to prepare for baptism. It is super cool to see the changes that The Lord makes in people's lives.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 1, 2016

Hello, what time is your name? Oh, Chileans and their English... ha-ha

This week was a great week of work with my new companion, Elder Steggell. We had many of our investigators come to church on Sunday and that was awesome to see them all.  Jose came to church which made me super happy. As he was sitting beside me he says, "You think there are any women here my age who are willing to get sealed after my baptism?" ha-ha, I love him. Please pray for him.

I think I have a favorite chapter now in the Book of Mormon. It is 3Nephi Ch.19.  I invite you guys to read that and discuss what it means to each of you personally. Remember the only way your testimony grows is by giving it as a gift to other people, share, share, share and then share it again.

The work is developing in this área as the Lord wants it to. He continues to prepare His children so that when the time is right they will accept His perfect Gospel. I love my Savior so much and I want Him to be pleased with the work I am doing here. If I don't, everything else falls short. I want Him to always smile and have His radiance upon me. I know that the only way we will be able to return to the Father's presence is if we keep our covenants true and pure. If we don't we will never be content with that which we receive because we will know that we could have received so much more for doing so little. I love you guys so much. Let us always stand in Holy Places.

Elder Parker Pile 

February 23, 2016

Elder Reese has transferred and I have received a new companion. It was heart breaking for Elder Reese to go because he was really attached to this sector. He toughened it out and we started to pack his bags together. He will do great things in his new area and it´ll be super good for him and his progression.

My new companion's name is Elder Steggell. He is from Orem, Utah and he is awesome. He reminds me SO much of Elder Stone, ha-ha. He has 13 siblings and he loves to play soccer and eat sushi. He has about 7 months in the misión and is excited to get to work. I know we are going to be great friends and do the work the way the Lord wants us to do it. :)

The área continues to rise and the Lord blesses us with people in our path to share this wonderful message and ultimately to come into the waters of baptism. The zone and the animation of the Elders continue to increase due to the successes the Lord provides us with. I pray I can become consecrated missionary to be worthy when the time comes that the Lord needs me to do something, I´ll be there prepared to do it.

One of the pictures that I put on here is of Jonathan and me when we went on interchanges for a day. He's a great guy that has many righteous desires to serve a misión in the near future.

I love you guys!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 16, 2016

This week has been great! It stinks a little though because this will be the last week of this transfer. It's gone by so fast and we continue to get this Ward back on it's feet and to function properly. It has been wonderful and Elder Reese has taught me so much about what's important in life. Fun fact, Elder Reese will actually be going to BYUI when he ends his misión! Sweet!

I've been going on a lot of interchanges with other Elders recently to help them receive the visión of baptism. I've learned a lot in what I need to do also to better captivate this visión for myself. Doing interchanges means a lot of traveling time, so I am just pooped now, ha-ha.

I love seeing all the pictures of  the family because you have changed so much! Mom you have such a big light in you and it is way noticeable to the people around you. Like they say, it's way more effective to share the góspel when you live in accordance with it's teachings. It shows itself through your very person.

I love you guys so much!

February 9, 2016

This week has been quite an adventure because the arm of my companion was destroyed and we spent the whole week inside getting a bunch of medical stuff figured out. Apparently, he had an allergic reaction and it just progressed until it was not very pretty at all. I've also decided this week that I will not be going into the medical field or for the physical part of it anyways, ha-ha.
I love the Temple so much and I testify of the special spirit and blessing that are found ONLY in those doors. The spirit of the Lord that is found in those sacred halls is to intense and potent. I love the mercies that God even has for us His children in which we can feel that special influence in His holy house.

I love you guys!

February 2, 2016

Our good old buddy, Jose continues to grow closer to his Savior every passing day. I love that old fart. 
We had monthly interviews with President Morgan this last week and it was awesome. He told me that Satan has a personal plan to destroy Elder Parker Pile and he will do anything in his power to make his plan come to pass. However, the Savior has made a way possible to escape with the people here on this earth to help us. With His plan, the Savior's plan we have the power the CHOOSE. Now every time I am faced with temptation no matter how big or small, I ask myself, "Is this what Satan planned for me to bring about my personal destruction?" and usually when I think that the temptation doesn't look very attractive anymore, ha-ha.
Working hard and praying everyday to work even harder.
Love you! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 26, 2016

This week was awesome and all led by the Holy Spirit. I was SO happy when our old friend, Jose walked into the chapel doors this last Sunday with his crutches trembling. I couldn't hold back the tears of joy to see him there. It was so amazing. I love him and I can't wait to help him receive an everlasting covenant from our Heavenly Father. Many of our investigators are doing very well and we have 6 preparing for baptism at this moment. Our God is so good to Elder Reese and I. All I want to do is show him I am ready for more through my love and obedience. I know the only way to gain the confidence of our Heavenly Father is to first show that we are confident and trusting in Him and also through keeping His commandment and surrendering our will to His.

Just have to do all that I can for the time He has given me. I love you guys so much. Always in my most sincere prayers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 19, 2016

Elder Reese and I are going strong this change with being direct and to the point with people. It's definitely working. I don't know if you remember the 97 year old man I told you about, Jose? Well, he now has some serious plans for baptism! Probably the oldest dude I'll baptize in my whole misión ha-ha. My district is doing good but there is a pair of Elders that are not getting along right now. I'm going to have to talk it out with them, not one of my favorite things to do.
Elder Reese is doing great. He seems a lot happier. I'm excited to see what he and I can do this transfer together.

A new rule has been changed to where all the Elders of the District have to come to the sector of the leader and work for the day. I will have 4 Elders in our sector a few days of the week to give further instruction. Which is super awesome for us but their sector will be untouched for an entire day which I'm not sure how I feel about that, but rules are rules and the most intelligent thing to do is to be obedient.

I love the work that God has given us to do here. There is never a lazy day because the Lord won't allow that. All we can do is keep up to the work that he blesses us with everyday. 

Elder Parker Pile 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 12, 2016

So my birthday went super well but I feel the same. I thought when I turned 20, I would get super ripped and have a bunch of knowledge... ha-ha, just kidding! A bunch of people actually started calling me at 12 in the morning to wish me a happy birthday. Not only people from this sector but from my whole mission, which I'm still wondering how the heck they got my number, ha-ha.
Today, we had a mini party at our church for my birthday. It was pretty sweet. We had a bbq and played soccer and ping pong. We had a good turn out.

We were informed about changes this morning and Elder Reese and I are going strong another change. I'm pretty excited to find out what we can accomplish this next 6 weeks. I have a huge district to lead this change. We have 4 companionships with 8 elders. I'm going to go on a lot of interchanges this change.

One of my goals for this next change is to be a true friend to Elder Reese. I have tried so hard to be a good companion to him this last change, working hard and talking things out with him. However, I want to be his friend and get to know him on a more personal level.  He has so much potential and I want him to get there, I love that guy.

Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes. I love you and I love my Savior. Until next week!

Friday, January 8, 2016

January 5, 2016

It's so weird, I don't feel 20 years old yet. I'm still just a goofy missionary that likes to pet all the cute dogs in the street. Time flies by though, that's for sure.
So for New Years we got home at 10:30pm and went to bed at 11:30 and slept through all the drunk yells that were coming from the street, ha-ha. I woke up in the morning and said, "Happy New Years Elder Reese!" I'm sure he appreciated that.
I gave all of my pants away today to someone that lives on our street and bought a couple pairs of khaki pants to work in, I just love them.
This last Sunday we had a family of 4 that we are teaching in the Chapel and it was awesome.  So I was a little surprised when the Bishop called me to the front to introduce the familia. It was great to see the members go up to them afterwards and make friends with them. I actually made chocolate chip pancakes and we had breakfast with them an hour before church. That was really fun.
I love you guys so much and I know that this Church is so true. Miracles aren't just a thing of the Bible or the Book of Mormon.  Rather, if we pay close attention we can see them everyday around us. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father. They only want what is the very best for us.  

Saturday, January 2, 2016

December 29, 2015

It was so cool to see you guys this last Skpe call. I love you so much. I hope your week was awesome and I bet you're having a complete blast in Anchorage.
I got super sunburned his morning from playing 3 hours of soccer with some guy friends here in our Ward. I'm definitely going to put on a hat next time or something to cover my delicate skin.
I went on exchanges with Elder Collins and we had a great time tearing up his area. I learned a great few things from him and I'm in the process of applying them to my own missionary work. Elder Reese is doing great and I try to keep him animated for the work.

In fact, we actually found a family of 5 a couple days ago and they awesome. We are going back to visit them this Saturday. So, we´ll see what's up. The Dad said to me specifically when we were saying goodbye , "Elder, make sure we talk about the family when you come back. What you said about the family is true, that it's important. I want to find away to live with them forever and not only here during this life." I said, "....We can do that." I was so shocked and happy that he said that to us. That was a huge miracle that God gave us that day.
I love you so much mom and tell the girls hello for me! Have fun in Anchorage :)
Elder Parker Pile