Saturday, January 2, 2016

December 29, 2015

It was so cool to see you guys this last Skpe call. I love you so much. I hope your week was awesome and I bet you're having a complete blast in Anchorage.
I got super sunburned his morning from playing 3 hours of soccer with some guy friends here in our Ward. I'm definitely going to put on a hat next time or something to cover my delicate skin.
I went on exchanges with Elder Collins and we had a great time tearing up his area. I learned a great few things from him and I'm in the process of applying them to my own missionary work. Elder Reese is doing great and I try to keep him animated for the work.

In fact, we actually found a family of 5 a couple days ago and they awesome. We are going back to visit them this Saturday. So, we´ll see what's up. The Dad said to me specifically when we were saying goodbye , "Elder, make sure we talk about the family when you come back. What you said about the family is true, that it's important. I want to find away to live with them forever and not only here during this life." I said, "....We can do that." I was so shocked and happy that he said that to us. That was a huge miracle that God gave us that day.
I love you so much mom and tell the girls hello for me! Have fun in Anchorage :)
Elder Parker Pile 

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