Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 1, 2016

Hello, what time is your name? Oh, Chileans and their English... ha-ha

This week was a great week of work with my new companion, Elder Steggell. We had many of our investigators come to church on Sunday and that was awesome to see them all.  Jose came to church which made me super happy. As he was sitting beside me he says, "You think there are any women here my age who are willing to get sealed after my baptism?" ha-ha, I love him. Please pray for him.

I think I have a favorite chapter now in the Book of Mormon. It is 3Nephi Ch.19.  I invite you guys to read that and discuss what it means to each of you personally. Remember the only way your testimony grows is by giving it as a gift to other people, share, share, share and then share it again.

The work is developing in this área as the Lord wants it to. He continues to prepare His children so that when the time is right they will accept His perfect Gospel. I love my Savior so much and I want Him to be pleased with the work I am doing here. If I don't, everything else falls short. I want Him to always smile and have His radiance upon me. I know that the only way we will be able to return to the Father's presence is if we keep our covenants true and pure. If we don't we will never be content with that which we receive because we will know that we could have received so much more for doing so little. I love you guys so much. Let us always stand in Holy Places.

Elder Parker Pile 

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