Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 29, 2016

This week has been really good with many miracles provided by the one and only. We had changes yesterday and Eldew Steggell and I are still together, thank goodness. We are going to have some baptisms this change, that's for sure. Hugo Meza is a beast and he stopped smoking a couple days ago. He has comes to the church more then four times now, so he is good to go.  He's a great guy and wants to do what will bless his family most.

Ha-ha, I got bit by a dog. I don't really trust them now. He was a tiny little Chinese dog and I went in to give him a friendly pet and he bit me super hard on my knuckles. I bleed for quite awhile but I made sure to clean it out good. Oh, Chilean dogs...

I love you guys :)

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