Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 26, 2016

My week has been really good. My dear friend, Constanza unfortunately had many family problems before her baptism and did not get baptized this last Saturday. We are going to let her figure things out and we´ll be here when she feels ready to take this important step.

Elder Steggell's birthday was last Saturday and I sent the other Elders living with us to go buy some milkshake supplies and then later that night I made milkshakes for everyone. We were all pretty groggy in the morning. I love milkshakes! It has to be my favorite if not one of my favorites for dessert.

April 19, 2016

This week has been nuts and full of super crucial spiritual moments. Well, to start off we had another baptism and it went great. It rained so much that day so we had to protect her on the way to the church with our umbrellas. Her name is Melissa and she is a great young woman that is now the leading example of her family. We had her baptism on Saturday. This Saturday we will have another baptism of another super awesome friend named Constanza. She's a great girl and it has taken many trials on her part to have this baptism. I want to tell you guys a miracle that happened yesterday. So, she was not going to be baptized because she works Sundays in the farmers market. It was the only job she had that was suitable for her becasue she is studying right now. We went to her house yesterday to talk about this with her. At the end of the lesson we decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help her. Five minutes after the prayer her phone satrts ringing and it's her boss. She talks with him and hangs up and then starts to cry. I was so confused. She told us that she just got fired from her job because of many financial issues with the company. We sked her how she felt and she said super good becasue I can get baptized this weekend and bad because she just got fired, ha-ha. God answered our prayer. Maybe it wasn't the way we expected at all but He answered it.
We took Constanza out to lunch today to congratulate her for taking that giant leap of faith. She's a great girl and she is going to go far. Good job Heavenly Father. :)
I went to the temple today with President Morgan and it was great. :) My Mission President is a very wise man in the gospel doctorine.
Make sure you guys pray. He will always be waiting for that late night phone call.
Love you!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 12, 2016

We had a great baptism this week and her name is Fernanda Miranda. She is a super sweet girl and I know she will stay active in the church her whole life. She has the goal to serve a misión and to baptize the rest of her family. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures with me because the Mom told me she would send them. I don't have them yet though ha-ha, next week.

A member in our Ward sold me a super nice voice recorder. I have started doing voice diaries which is pretty fun.  I´ll start sending you guys little voice clips too. To be honest I have forgotten what your voices sound like D:

It's getting cold and rainy here in Santiago. I had to break out the jackets and warm wool socks. I love wearing jackets though, especially sweaters.

I personally am doing great. I love the work and what I'm doing. Saving souls is a huge responsibility and if we don't do a good job... well it won't be a happy time, we´ll just put it like that. I know however that I'm doing my best and that's all that He wants. Kind of like what Dad used to say to me, ha-ha. I love Him so much and if I truly do love Him, I will do all that is in my power to feed His sheep.

I love you family :))

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 5, 2016

I don't have a lot of time right now because I have an emergency call in another sector but I promise to fill you in on everything else.
1. General Conference was of course always the best ever. I fell in love with Elder Holland's talk. SO GOOD. He is a very powerful speaker. It was also a huge blessing to hear from our beloved Prophet, President Monson. I truly sustain that man and all the other leaders of the church. They truly do have keys to lead and guide us in these latter days.

2. It rained today and we had a little lighting so that means the weather is finally cooling off a little bit.

3. I wanted to ask you and Dad about getting a new suit. There is a man in a neighboring sector that does customized suits for only $120. I am asking because I in fact have outgrown my suit which I currently occupy.

4. Elder Steggell and I have the visión to baptize weekly in this sector and we know that the Lord will help us if it be His will and of course if we work like we expect to have twenty baptisms this month of April. It's game time.

I love you guys so much  and if there is anything I can pray for to add my faith don't hesitate in asking :)

Elder Parker Pile