Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 3, 2016

Thanks for that awesome email! It was great. I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing well.

This week has been really good. Well, I mean every week is great but I suppose I just see it that way always. We will have a baptism of Alex this upcoming Saturday and it's going to be awesome. He's a great kid and his soul is just very innocent and pure. Alex is in fact the little brother of Jonathan. This last Friday we received permission from his parents. It was a cool experience because from what we understand his dad is a very grumpy man and does not treat the family with very much kindness as a  result of have an addiction  to alcohol. So we get there and sit down with he and his wife, Soledad. His wife, Soledad, is awesome and loves us. The dad was a little drunk so we started talking to him with the wife and got him to sign the baptism record. It really reminded me of that story in the Book of Mormon when the Lamanites get drunk and fall asleep enabling the imprisoned Nephites to make a silent escape to freedom. The Lord works miracles even though they may be in mysterious ways. :)

I got the package that you sent me and I loved it! I'm actually wearing my awesome brown pants in this very moment. Thank you so much mom! Tell Taylor thanks for all the great drawings that she put in those letters. You can tell she took a lot of time working  on those. They are awesome!

I know and testify of the divinity of our Father and our Savior. I know that they live and are active beings helping and influencing our lives. I love them and the selflessness that they show in their effort to help all of their creations return home where we were in the beginning. As Elder Holland says, "The greatest attribute of love is loyalty." I will be loyal to them in an effort to show my love to them as the have ever done so to me.

I love you guys and I cant wait to see you this Sunday!   

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