Friday, June 10, 2016

May 31, 2016

This week has been a very big time for receiving revelation for the missionaries here in the zone. Many people and myself included during the past couple weeks, have been excusing the amount of failure that we see here and not baptizing as much as in past zones, saying, "The people are different." "The work done here is done in a different way." I am sick of excusing our failure on something that we can control. Be a creator of circumstances instead of being the creature of them. We are here in the mission to baptize the greatest amount of people possible. A sharp missionary knows this purpose and understands how to achieve and develop this vision that God has bestowed upon them according to their faith and righteous desires. I am here in Las Condes leading these missionaries because both God and President Morgan know I have developed this vision over time and experience. Now it is my duty to serve my fellow missionaries and help them develop this same mentality. Elder Andrew and I are going to turn this place around and Las Condes will be know as the Stake that baptizes on a very regular basis.
I know that my Savior is infinite and loving. To build your foundation on his rock means to have a complete joy and the divine opportunity to develop the attributes that He so lovingly wants us to develop. The Temple is Gods House and it is a holy and sanctified place.
I love you guys so much.

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