Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 19, 2016

This week went by super fast which really shouldn't surprise me because they always do. We had a miracle this week! One of our investigators, Diego Nuñez will be baptized the 30th of this month. The last time I will have the opportunity to be in that mission water. It's super awesome that he has made the decision to do it. God is always a God of miracles and grants His children according to their desires.

We had a zone activity today in our chapel which everyone liked. We had a desert potluck and played a bunch of fun games. It was great to see the growth in uniting and confidence between the missionaries of the zone. They are great and I love them. 

Yesterday we had our zone training and members of my group including myself gave our last testimonies in front of the zone. 

I am really excited to come home and I know even though it`ll be hard to leave the mission I need to start another important phase of life. :) I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see you so very soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 12, 2016

The week flew by and I don't even know where I am anymore, ha-ha. This week I have been focusing all of my efforts on becoming more spiritually sensitive and actually learing intently on what it is that my Heavenly Father wants me to do. It is so important that we have a purpose in everything that we do. That was something that has been added to my testimony this past week.
We took some of our investigators to the Santiago Temple last Saturday and it was an awesome experience for me and my companion and our investigators. They will be baptized the week after I return home. I know they will be in the Lord's hands.
We went on exchanges with Elders in our zone. Elder Otto from Utah and Elder Ureta de Chile. They are super great missionaries and I enjoy having them in our zone. Elder Ureta is one of our District Leaders and contributes a lot to our councils.
I love you guys so much and I'll talk to you in another fast week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5, 2016

What a great week it has been! I love the mission and its going to be really sad to say goodbye to her when the days being Elder Pile finally come to a halt.  Of course, I will return to the position of Elder if that is what the Lord plans for me in the future to bless His amazing children. I love blessing them through the things that I do now and will continue to act in all diligence until the time comes.

Elder Andrew and I received a surprise call from Elder Inglish (Mission Secretary) this morning, informing us that we needed to travel to a Hospital 40 minutes away in bus to give a blessing for the sick baby in this hospital. I personally love going on special assignments for the mission. So we went over and I was praying the whole time for the spirit so that we could know what to say. We were received by the wife after asking a bunch of nurses where they were located. In this small medical room was the mom and her baby daughter. The baby girl, so pure and good, looked up at us with a oxygen hook-up hanging from her nose. I couldn't help but feel so much love for the baby and her mom that I started to cry a little. I was a little embarrassed and continued to explain why we were there. As we put our hands softly over the  baby girl's head and pronounced the blessing, the words came to my head through a tremendous feeling of the Holy Ghost's influence,"She is my precious daughter. I love her." I don't think I have ever felt so much love for a child of God through the influence of the Holy Ghost than in that moment. I testify that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us in that way. It is infinite and eternal and can never be lost or taken away. 

For some odd reason throughout my whole mission, everyone mentions that I look a lot like Prince Harry. I have no idea who he is but I imagine he's pretty good looking. ;) 

We do not have any baptisms coming up soon. The closest will be on the 30th of July. Her name is Purísima. If you can please pray for her. :) 

I love you guys so much and I know that we are in the Truth. The path is straight and narrow but we know what to do and we have many helping hands. The call is to be true, to follow Christ, and to lend a hand. Let us all do our part to build up the kingdom of our Father. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

June 28, 2016

This week the Holy Ghost has taught me many things that are important to both my work I have yet to complete here in Chile, and also for my eternal progression. One of these things that I learned I would like to share with you, which is the importance of using spiritual gifts for both our progression and that of those around us. Discovering and continuing to develop these gifts is essential for our spiritual survival in this darkening world. President asked me a very inspired question a couple of days ago asking, "Elder Pile, who do you think is most excited for your return home?" Being the humorous guy that I am I responded with a smile, "I suppose most of the single women of my stake." He laughed at that and continued, "The person most excited for your return home is the adversary himself. Satan." This exchange with President helped me realize that in these 5 weeks that I have left is the only time that I have left to arm myself with the powers of heaven necessary to defend against the cunning tricks he has in store and to continue doing so when home. I love my God and I thank Him for protecting me as a direct blessing from the obedience that I show him in keeping his commandments and serving His dear children.

In the zone we received many new missionaries and I was so happy to get to know them yesterday in our zone training. I love every single one of them and I pray that the Lord will give me the light I need to show forth a good example to them. Interestingly, one of the Elders that came in, Elder Otto, is a huge fan of the video game Borderlands. It was a great opportunity to connect fast with him. 

I love you guys so much and I know that the Lord blesses me because of your devout service to Him in His Kingdom. :) 

June 21, 2016

I honestly have a hard time writing because I know I´ll see you soon, ha-ha. I picked up my suit today and it is awesome! Thanks so much. That would be awesome to get Chilean jerseys maybe even for the 4 of you, that's a good idea. We have seen so many miracles this week and it has been amazing! We found a  guy named Chris from Massachusetts and he speaks English. He is awesome and he is 24. We have his baptism planned for the 9 of July.

I'm sorry, I have so little time right now but I love you!